Audio won't export


(Samuel) #1

My audio won’t export, my video will but my audio won’t?

(Jose Moreno) #2

This is likely related to PLEASE HELP! No sound when exporting to Movie

This has been fixed but it will take some time to get into the master branch of the code. For Now I can only recommend to use a video editor to finish your animation with sound while the fix is applied.

(john) #3

but it worked before the update ? ? ?

(Jose Moreno) #4

@draygos Hi. The problem seems to be related to having multiple sounds. The more sounds you have, the more it will fade away. The problem I linked in my previous response to the OP was a project where there were at least 30 sound samples or so. With one or two sounds it’s just not noticeable, but with longer projects there’s definitely an impact, so much that it appears as if there is no sound. Also the sounds the original project we reviewed were REALLY long, so there could be seconds of silence, which might be happening to the OP as well. On that note we also found (and fixed) another issue where the audio was getting progressively out of sync.

(Jose Moreno) #5

@FingerShow @draygos Hey. This is an update on this problem. Recently the sound volume and a sound sync issue was fixed. Even if you aren’t using pencil2d anymore would you mind testing the software again to see if this has been solved for both of you?

Below are the direct links for the respective OS builds:
Windows (7+ [x64]) :
macOS (10.11+):
Linux :