Audio won't export

My audio won’t export, my video will but my audio won’t?

This is likely related to PLEASE HELP! No sound when exporting to Movie

This has been fixed but it will take some time to get into the master branch of the code. For Now I can only recommend to use a video editor to finish your animation with sound while the fix is applied.

but it worked before the update ? ? ?

@draygos Hi. The problem seems to be related to having multiple sounds. The more sounds you have, the more it will fade away. The problem I linked in my previous response to the OP was a project where there were at least 30 sound samples or so. With one or two sounds it’s just not noticeable, but with longer projects there’s definitely an impact, so much that it appears as if there is no sound. Also the sounds the original project we reviewed were REALLY long, so there could be seconds of silence, which might be happening to the OP as well. On that note we also found (and fixed) another issue where the audio was getting progressively out of sync.

@FingerShow @draygos Hey. This is an update on this problem. Recently the sound volume and a sound sync issue was fixed. Even if you aren’t using pencil2d anymore would you mind testing the software again to see if this has been solved for both of you?

Below are the direct links for the respective OS builds:
Windows (7+ [x64]) :
macOS (10.11+):
Linux :

The sound is not working for me too. It’s playing in the video but not when I export as a movie. I tried a lot of different things.

Can u please create it as a movie for me?? I can send u the link.

@Karthd03 Hi. While this is pretty rare, there can be plenty of issues happening but the most common occurs If you’re using MP3 files and or using a legacy version of the operating systems we support (e.g macOSX 10.7).

If you indeed used mp3 files downloaded form the web, please convert them into WAV files using the free audio editor Audacity @

Here’s a manual for that:

If this doesn’t work, take the video from Pencil2D and use a video editor and add the sound there instead. There are many free ones. The easiest to use is called OpenShot @ there are various YT tutorials for that as well.

If you are using an older OS, i’m afraid we can’t do much there right now, so we would need you to let us know the following information:

  1. What is your current OS version (e.g Windows 10 Pro, macOSX 10.15, Ubuntu Linux 16.04, etc)
  2. What is your current Pencil2D version (Go to the top right Help > About > Press the “Copy to Clipboard” button which will save the info as if you’ve copied and immediately paste it into a text application)

I recorded voices using IPhones voice memos and uploaded it to google drive and then converted into mp4. Then downloaded all those mp4 sounds and added them into pencil2D.

The version is 0.6.4, it is up to date.

@Karthd03 As outlined in the previous message, either convert them to WAV and reimport them before or use a video editor.

Do not use MP3’s unless you’ve specifically used Audacity to convert them, and even then 0.6.4 has other issues with MP3’s that will only be fixed in upcoming versions.

We’re asking this also because it is possible that when you converted the sounds from iphone the resulting sound files had a codec that is not compatible with Pencil2D’s underlying technology due to patent rights (basically it’s a legal problem, not exactly a tech problem), so by using audacity, which has open codecs, to convert the sounds to a WAV, you shouldn’t have this issue and playback in the editor should be improved as well.

The video editor option is to be used only if converting your sounds to WAV does not allow you to hear sound after exporting again.

@Karthd03 The first thing you should try if you have not already is quitting Pencil2D, reloading the project, and exporting again. This will fix the issue in many cases. Failing that, follow Jose’s recommendations or try downloading the nightly build from the downloads page and reimporting the audio files.

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