PLEASE HELP! No sound when exporting to Movie

Good day all,

I have a project video due in two days so i hope this question will reach out to someone before then.

In my project i have 3 bitmap layers and 1 sound layer and 1 camera layer. When exporting the project as a video, i see all the animations and everything except the audio.

For some reason the exporting function just completely ignores the sound layer.
I have tried all the different video formats and all the different audio formats (MP3 or WAV) but still to no avail.

Does anyone know what i am doing wrong and how i can export my animations including the sound layer?

More information regarding the version i use:
Version: 0.6.2
Operating System: Windows 10 (10.0)
CPU Architecture: x86_64

Also here is a drive link containing the .pclx and the audio files:

Thank you for your time.

Joe Kazama

@hollowjoe Hi. If your work is due in 2 days I personally recommend you to use a video editor to get the audio on top of the animation while we look at a proper solution.

Just export an image sequence or a video without sound and put the sound over in the video editor.

There are a lot of free cross-platform video editors available, I can recommend the following:

And there are countless tutorials on youtube for each editor. The friendliest one of the three is Openshot.

Now for the Pencil2D questions:

Someone asked us the same a few days ago, but he’s Using Ubuntu Linux.

EDIT: Sorry I saw the first part on my email reader, I just saw the rest.

  1. What Os are you using? So Windows 10, alright thanks
  2. Which version of Pencil2D are you using? 0.6.2, gotcha thanks
  3. Does your sound file play in other applications? e.g Windows Media Player, Quicktime Player, VLC Player, etc.
  4. Does it play inside Pencil2D and it just does not export? or is it both?
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@hollowjoe Ok no, I see what’s happening, when the sound is being exported it’s just REALLY low, but it’s there. I’ll ask a developer to see why that can be. I’ll upload the link in a moment to the exported video just in case you want it like that meanwhile I continue the troubleshooting.

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Thank you so much for the help Jose.

Answering questions 3 and 4 in your edit above. I used both VLC and Windows media player to test the videos and yes the audio works perfectly within pencil2D itself.

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@hollowjoe No worries. Devs are already investigating but it seems there is indeed a bug when using multiple sound files. I’ve already tested it with different setups and it gives the same result. In my case when I export the video it starts super quiet, almost as such that I need to raise my speakers and headphones volume to the max to hear a whisper. Then when it reaches the end it becomes really loud.

So, I’m afraid to say that this issue will not be fixed before you have to turn in your video, so my original proposal still stands. Please use a video editor to finalize your audio and get a good grade :wink: The good thing I saw is that you have a good organization and the sounds are sequential in placement, so putting them back again will take but a few minutes since you only have to drag & drop the sound files and adjust them with the images.

Hopefully this will be fixed for the next time you decide to use the program to create such kind of presentation.

Edit: Oh I forgot to mention, whenever you try to use an FPS playback rate lower than 12 FPS, use AVI so you can properly scrub it on your video players. I was using MP4 and I had difficulties jumping between timestamps using MP4. Live and learn I guess :slight_smile:

Hello @hollowjoe, I’m one of the developers for the program and I’ve made some changes that will hopefully fix for your issue, but it probably won’t become available until after your assignment is due. So instead, here is an exported version of your project with audio working properly:!J7AD2AKC!-Js1rbEyN8AqcWcaEnpqgR-ejQVJgme_gKGqZBUAAlA

Hope this helps! If you need to tweak it, you can use a video editor as @JoseMoreno suggested.

I am very grateful for the help scribblemaniac and Jose, here is the video we will submit and present:

I’m sure you get requests like mine everyday and to take your time to help us really reflects the kind of amazing developers you are.

Thank you once more.

Sohaib Mahmood

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i’m having the same problem, any idea of when it will be fixed?

@FingerShow This is already fixed. Please read the whole thread and take a look at the solution post. It’s marked as “solution” with a green checkmark and it has a link to get a windows version with the fix.

If you have other OS, i’m afraid you’ll have to wait for a new nightly build to be made by the automatic system we use for building the software while it’s in development, however you can try my initial advice of using a video editor for now.