Audio playing / How to make audio play?

So I was trying to make my first animation, and I was going to add audio, but it doesn’t play when I click the play button. Can we try to find a way to fix this please? Thanks! :heart:

@PunGoddess0621 Hi. Sorry to hear it’s not working. Please follow the steps outline below and when you answer back let us know which operating system you have (e.g Windows 10, macOSX 10.11, Ubuntu 18.04, etc)

  1. If you have a recent version of Pencil2D please go to Step 2. Otherwise Please download the latest version on and try again to load your files
  2. If you are using an MP3 file, due to how MP3 licensing works it may not be played back by Pencil2D, please try some of the solutions mentioned in this other thread:
    [SOLVED] Audio not importing correctly and comment back with your results in this one. If you’re not using MP3 files, go to Step 3.
  3. If you are using WAV files please make sure it plays on other software as well. If it does play on other apps but not inside Pencil2D then go to step 4. Otherwise go to step 5.
  4. If you’re on windows, try to check the volume mixer and see if the Individual Pencil2D volume slider is silenced or too low:
  5. If you’re using a Linux Distribution and your AppImage is not working, please try using Flatpack and follow this article: while using the official Pencil2D flatpack If Neither Flatpack nor AppImages worked go to Step 6.
  6. If you’re a Linux power user please try to compile Pencil2D from source here’s the guide to build on Linux environments If you’re not using Linux got to Step 7
    7.If you’re using a MAC let us know to tag a developer
  7. If none of the previous steps worked, please comment back to let us know. Also attach or share through a cloud service you trust (such as google drive or dropbox) both the sound file and the Pencil2D project file (.pclx extension) so developers can take a look at possible issues.

I redownloaded the app and the sound worked again. Thanks!