Audio import stopped working

I imported some audio from an mp4 and it was working fine. (I also switched it to a .wav and it still didn’t work) When I import it it only imports onto one frame, whereas before it was really long. It also doesn’t play audio at all. Could I please have some help with this?

@Pencil3d Importing sound from videos (mp4) requires using a different command than importing sound from audio files. Please make sure you’re using the correct option.

Also please take a look at this guide to learn how to import sound and what some of the currently known issues with sound import are: [Guide] How to import sound into Pencil2D

Additionally Pencil2D has released version 0.6.6 recently so we highly recommend you get that version instead of whatever version you’re using right now.

Well I have tried both. I have converted it several times and it was working before so I’m confused. Either way works. I just really want to get sound on there so I can continue my animation. Thanks.

@Pencil3d Please make double sure you are using the latest version. Again this version comes with sound import fixes and it was announced today.

On the other hand please send me a link to download the problem audio file so I can test it on my own computer.

If I manage to import it successfully I’ll record a video to show you how it’s working for me in case there’s any potential issue occurring during the workflow. And of course i’ll also send you the Pencil2D file itself to see if it works for you when you open it.

Please let me know also what is your current operating system version e.g Windows 10, macOSX 10.15, etc.

I am using 0.6.5 It won’t let me embed an mp4 or a wav

Mac OS Big Sur 11.2.1

This is not the latest version. The latest version is 0.6.6. Please upgrade and then re-import the sounds.

I did that and it worked thank you so much!

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I’m use mac os, they didn’t any issue with the audio, site best regards

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