Application Resizing Issue with XP Pen Tablet


I’m having the same issue as this thread here:

Problem is I’m not a developer and I don’t understand the fixes discussed. I’m not sure how to “build from source” or what that means can anyone help me fix this so I can use my tablet to animate?

@Felix Hi. First of all that thread is from nearly 3 years ago, so unless you’re using a really old version of Pencil2D in a Linux system, the fixes mentioned should already be included into the recent download versions. Also the new versions are actually built with the Qt framework version 5.12 as well. Qt framework is the the technology used to construct Pencil2D.

Please make sure you are using the latest version of Pencil2D, here’s a link to the most recent development versions from a few days ago just to be safe.

Make sure to get the most recent one and be careful of the format:


That said, APPIMAGES also have certain issues from time to time so we also recommend using Flatpak (instructions are in the pencil2d download site)but this will only install the release versions.

If that doesn’t work to build from “source” you have to follow this guide:

In the case you’re NOT using Linux, and you’re using Windows here’s the other guide:

But then the display window issue might be a problem with the screen resolution, in the case of Windows, it means your tablet resolution is different from your desktop resolution. This has happened to me with other software as well, and to fix it you have to make the tablet resolution larger and match it as much as possible to the desktop. Also it is necessary to enter the executable properties and switch the hi-dpi settings off. Lastly you also need to check for the OS scaling settings and set them to 100% in case they are larger than normal.

Hey, thanks so much for the help! I am using Windows 10 I just meant that my issue looked the same (The window resizing everything weird with buttons overlapping and stuff once it was on my tablet screen).

I checked out the XP Pen Reddit and it turns out it was happening because of the Scaling setting (under “Display”). It was automatically set to 125% and once I changed it to 100% everything on my main monitor got smaller but it displayed Pencil 2d correctly on my tablet :smile: guess I’ll just have to switch back and forth between 125% and 100% whenever I need to animate lol

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