Another download fault

Got new laptop and can’t install pencil 2d since the pencil2d.exe is missing. Tried several times and tried faq’s. No problem on old computer so wonder what is going on. Using windows 10 64bit.

@Ken Greetings. Please read our Windows 10 third party app setup guide with general advice to better prepare your computer to run Pencil2D or any third party app you have due to security permissions issues that span from Win10.

Additionally make sure you are properly extracting the contents of the ZIP file as described in point 1 instead of trying to run Pencil2D directly from the ZIP file (which may be hard to notice since Windows treats zips as folders).

Also look into your antivirus rules as described in the guide in case Windows is trying to delete Pencil2D by force (which has never happened but it could happen)

Thank you for prompt reply and detailed explanation. I have followed instructions before but the bit I missed is the microsoft jealosy. I have managed to sort it now. Appreciate your help. My new laptop is a lenovo and had windows 10s installed. This would not allow any programme except microsoft to be installed. Fortunately, there was the option to change to 10 home. Never come across this before and it took me a while to sort it. I am not particularly computer orientated and learnt many of the terms I have quoted from trial and error. Thank you once more. Ken Wolfenden.

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@Ken I’m glad you managed to sort out your Windows Installation. Obviously there’s limited support we can provide in that regard, and if you really get stuck with it you should consider contacting Microsoft support directly.

As you may have surmised most issues we see around here actually stem either from this security “jealousy” you described, the lack of proper windows updates (like the VCRUNTIME140_,cll error that is so common) or a contrarian idiosyncratic implementation by Microsoft, like the decision to force all graphic tablet input devices to use Windows Ink drivers (which affects how Pencil2D and certain apps like Adobe Photoshop regulate their pressure sensitivity among other things)

Anyway if you require any more assistance with Pencil2D let us know and we’ll reply as soon as we’re able, though in regards to Windows specific issues we’ll try to help however we can if it is within our existing expertise :+1:

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