Animator Island's 51 Great Animation Exercises to Master

davidlamhauge provided me a link to 51 Great Animation Exercises to Master by Animator Island. Why not try all 51?

I had already made No. 1 on the list which is a ball bounce animation so… No.2. Here is my first try


Then, taking what I’ve learned, I created a second one:



Exercise No. 3: Falling Brick



If you don’t add squash and stretch it looks like an almost hollow metal ball making a big impact on a hard floor. squash and stretch determines how squishy/hard a ball is

That was what I wanted. I did go with lots of squash and stretch with the first ball. I just go with less for the second ball because I wanted it be more solid.

Same with the brick. I don’t want a squishy brick.

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Oh ok. Anyway, the animation looks fire

Exercise No. 4: Simple Head Turn

My kinda horrible head turn.



Good job. The animation looks consistent, a rare trait animators must take care of all the time. Looks like the exercises are paying off. Keep up the good work :+1:

Exercise No. 5: Character head turn with anticipation:

I struggled with this one. I tried to add some details and the difficulty just spiked!

Here is my mediocre attempt. I don’t think I even succeed at what this exercise is about.


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For me as a total noob, it is good enough to give you a like. :+1:


I made this when I was first ever starting out in animation. Maybe like my 4th or 5th animation done. After this, and a few failed attempts of making animated music videos, I took a HUGE break from animation and lost some of my skill because of it. I’m now just starting to learn the basics again because of that break. untitled I’m animating my animated series right now as I learn.

I always animate at 15fps by 1s, though I know the standard is 24fps by 2s- I just don’t animate in 24fps because no. 1, I just do not have the time, and no. 2, I am not that precise with my lines and I know if try to animate at that framerate, my animation will move way too quickly and janky, and it would look like a mess. So I keep it simple.

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In this instance, I tried 24fps, and actually have a more detailed character than this (anime style). Tried to challenge myself, said the stupid me.

I’m an idiot! The details are difficult to keep track of. I thought I have finished drawing only to find out later that I forgot a some details. The proportion changes wildly on every frame. Each frame takes so much time and I often have to redraw them again and again! It is apparently beyond my skill.

I took a long break and when I come back, I redo everything. I’m not going through that again!

Well, lessons learned.

So I’m assuming you tried to mimic what I did (but in 24fps) but failed to do so cuz the details were too much? I can feel ya. I honestly do not know how I even made this animation as good as I did, especially when it was one of my first animations, but “beginners’ luck” I guess.

I hope to animate little experiments like this again in the future but for now I’m wholly concentrated on the two animated productions I’m making right now.

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Exercise No. 6. Character blinking eye_blink

I also tried to do a more polished work with a cleaner line art.