Animation crashing in the middle of playback

Weird problem. Only change is today I bought a UGEE 708 tablet (which works fantastically well).

I did several hours of work today, saved, exported the movie and brought it into pinnacle as I have been doing (my workaround for having no sound in pencil2D). I had left pencil 2D open. When I tried to replay it this evening it crashed. I tried reloading, rebooting, nothing would work (tried the recovery option, loading the original file which had saved and exported fine, etc).

Then it started working again (I think I had opened, said no to recovery, closed immediately - or perhaps opened, recovered, saved without viewing, and then re-opened).

Thought all was well, did some more work, saved again, exported again - all good. Until I try to review and edit and now it crashes again.

There’s a mere 280 or so frames in there so far. This is a measly amt even at 18 fps. I saved before there was any evidence of corruption. Makes me wonder if it’s a problem in the temp folder or something. The only other thing I can think of that’s unusual is that I have been storing my work in Google drive. Is that a problem?

I’m running Windows 10, same OS build as before.

Here’s a link to a folder containing a couple of the files. Are they corrupted? Or is the problem my machine? Could it be the tablet? (The tablet seems awfully unlikely as a source of the problem).

[I still haven’t gotten sound working.]

@larrydeluca Oh wow, that sounds weird indeed. At most I could think there might be an issue with HDD space, or with RAM, though severe cases of this manifest in reboots not crashes.

We had a user once that sent us a project that had a 4K resolution and 7K frames (yes 7 thousand), and they would still open and work fine on my computer (which at the time was subtly above average); on theirs it wouldn’t even open and crash at export.

I suggest saving a backup copy to avoid corruption. If you keep saving to the same file at some point, if the saving operation is interrupted or if there’s a memory leak, the file will still be corrupted.

Google drive “could” be a problem if this is messing your HDD space, which in turn is also limiting your Virtual memory management since the Windows pagefile.sys file (which is usually on C:/) usually can have up to twice your current RAM.

As you mention there could also be a problem with the %TEMP% folder, but only if there are files big enough to also take away form your HDD. I mentions this because if your C:/ drive has less than a certain % left it will start behaving abnormally, guaranteed (this is from experience; and a lot of it)

I suggest first:

  1. Use the windows 10 Disk Cleanup Tool to free any files that are not needed (even crash dump files).
  2. Defrag your operating system. Windows defrag might not be enough, so consider using a specialized tool to defrag your hard drives (I’ve used the open source ultradefrag on windows 10 with moderate success, but i thnk it’s no longer maintained)
  3. Make sure you’ve followed this guide: [Guide] How to Train Your Pencil2D (Windows) particularly the part about the AV rules.

This is a guide i just found that has some sane advice on cleanup and other file freeing methods, ignore the last one which is promotion on the partition tool.

As for the tablet claim, i’m not sure the drivers could make Pencil2d crash, in that sense it should make Windows itself crash, not just Pencil2D. I mean it’s possible, but I don’t think it’s necessarily what’s happening (though we can’t rule it out i suppose)

Please try downloading and using latest nightly build (it can be found by scrolling down on the Downloads page). There seems to be some issues with longer projects which I believe may be fixed by some changes we have made recently.

Good news!! It appears that installing the 9/24 nightly build fixed the problem, and that now I can also read my files that the 0.6.5 was judging to be corrupted.

I still can’t load sound, and now instead of just not loading it crashes the program completely. I’ll continue to try and figure that out, but what I’ve been doing it just loading bits into pinnacle (where I have sound) and then matching the frames up and counting frames and putting in enough key frames so I can animate silently and then match up with the music in Pinnacle in the end.

It’s tedious, but right now with Pencil2D not crashing with movie frames I’ll take it. :smile:

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