A set of things to promote Pencil2D

Maybe it would be possible to integrate a small set of things, that could be used for drawing. It is just a wild idea, but maybe…

I had some arrows and other simple drawings in my mind. Like a tool set, that anybody can use in his drawings. Additionally a logo of Pencil2D.

Just a list of ten useful things.


You mean a shape or sticker tool?

I dont know, what you mean with shape or sticker-tool. I had some simple graphics in my mind, that can be easily printed on the canvas. some arrows and a writing “Made with pencil2D” " The End" maybe a stick figure? Not more than 10 things, you could select from a list.


@FraFraFrankenstone @JoeyH We do have some vector logos and at one point we were looking for ideas for a mascot, but we’ve been strained for time :sweat:

I think we could make a sort of “press release” package with the actual logos and host them in the website, of course id would have both vector and raster graphics considering Pencil2D can’t yet import vector graphics other than by using the clipboard buffer (copy / pasting from vector software)

We also did have a place where users contributed their Pencil2D project files for the greater good, but I may need to talk to the devs because I don’t have copy of those files myself. Perhaps that could become a separate demo files package considering they did donate the files :thinking:

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Where are you going to do this promotion of Pencil2D?

Not me. I just wanted to have a symbol integrated into the software, that any user can stamp on the canvas and show the world, with what kind of tool this animation was made. It could be a raster bitmap or maybe a vector graphic. “Made with Pencil2D”

Pencil is now mature enough. Users can be proud to use it.


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I thought the mascot was a 2D pencil

I separated the conversion tool posts into its own thread if anyone wants to keep discussing that you’re welcome to continue over there Standalone VEC Conversion Tool Proposal

But please let’s try to keep this thread on topic regarding the initial promotion question :+1:

p.s. I’m still working so I’ll read the new posts in the weekend to see how to incorporate the feedback.

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