0.6.1 Release Plan

Hey guys, @scribblemaniac @J5lx @CandyFace @JoseMoreno @kaiko

I am pleased to say it’s about to prepare our pencil2d 0.6.1 release. The 15 March 2018 nightly build is our first 0.6.1 release candidate version. And we are going to have a QA session to make sure the 0.6.1 has no major stability concern. If you guys think of anything else that must be in 0.6.1 please let me know.

Thank to @CandyFace we now have a release checklist and hope we will not miss anything.

Currently, the scheduled date of 0.6.1 is 26th March if there is no major issue.

Nighly build: https://www.pencil2d.org/download/#nightlybuild


@JoseMoreno Could you inform our community about the 0.6.1-rc if you have time?

And I would appreciate that anyone can have a look at ChangeLog to see if anything is missing

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I just skimmed through the commit history and compared it with the changelog. Seems to be mostly complete, though maybe #889 should be in it, too, and most importantly I’m missing my personal highlight, the fixed exit shortcut :stuck_out_tongue: (#735).

Some general thoughts:

  • Right now it seems that only issue numbers are listed; maybe PR numbers would be helpful, too (where applicable)
  • I mentioned this in chat before, I think it would be cool to mention new and casual contributors in the changelog, like the Quod Libet folks do in their changelogs. IMO this is a really nice way to show that contributions are welcomed and valued, and to said contributors it kind of signals “hey, look, your contribution had a real impact, it made it into the changelogs!”
  • post-release TODO for this particular release: Get back to probonopd in #823

Also, there is one slightly unrelated thing…

While looking through the commit log with messages such as “benchmark”, “A missing change of 7ff64b0” and “Naming”, I wondered whether it might be a good idea to adopt some best practices for commit messages to make them more helpful. Personally, I believe that https://chris.beams.io/posts/git-commit/ is a pretty good summary of what many consider good practice, and it’s what I strive to adhere to myself. Thoughts about that? (feel free to reply as linked topic)


About the translation, there is no Portuguese (Portuguese - Portugal) at the moment on the last build 15March2018
There is a typo “Portuguese - X(Portuguese - X)” > “Portuguese - X (Portuguese - X)” (space before parenthesis, in all languages)

About the Portuguese-Portugal translation, there are several non-portuguese-portugal words and/or sentences that were included incorrectly on the translation on Transifex, but I wasn’t able to edit them.

I can now review those things
Thank you

[I will be back when I check the translation]

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@J5lx Fair points. Please do what you said if you get time. Just edit the change log directly no need to send PR.


I added the Portugal Portuguese to the language list of preference in nightly build 28 March 2018.
Could you have a look at it?

Finally did it. Totally forgot about it since my organisation is kind of all over the place right now.

Awesome @J5lx!

I will check it today @chchwy.

I am still updating the Portuguese translation. I have some more 400 sentences to check before I complete it. I have been busy lately. I will try to do things properly and fast

@Kaiko cool. If you have any question just let me know.

I am still working on the translation but there are things that I am not able to edit

Using the Portuguese_Portugal language system I got the following on the Preference Panel

  1. On the Preference Panel (editar > preferências), translate the Close buttom into Fechar
  2. When opening the Shortcuts list, translate “Action” on the space-bar to “Acção”. *Shortcut > “Atalho”. ClearFrame > Limpar quadro
    3.Inside the empty bar translate “Press shortcut” into "Pressione um atalho"

Time to rest
You are doing very well with Pencil2D and also with the help of other developers. Congratulations!

The close button on the preference dialog as well as the “Press shortcut” text are provided by the Qt framework we use (at least in 0.6.1, I’m not sure about 0.6.0), so the way to translate those is by contributing the translations to the Qt project (I’m actually kinda surprised they’re not translated already since Qt is actually rather well-known). The Action and Shortcut header labels in the table are in fact just not marked as translatable right now, so that should be easily fixable. Lastly, ClearFrame and the other shortcut names are directly derived from the internal configuration options they’re saved in, and that text is then later reused to save shortcut changes back to the configuration, so as it is now fixing that is a bit more involved, so we have to see whether we can still fit that into 0.6.1.

I finished the Portuguese translation. If anyone finds an error please let me know.

About the close button and “press shortcut” text, I checked them on the Spanish language and they are both translated correctly.

So, so far there is only, I guess so, Action and Shortcut to be translated.

Thanks for the information

On the About window (Ajuda > Sobre), I can’t edit Development build > Fase de desenvolvimento. Operating System > Sistema operacional. CPU Architecture > Arquitectura do CPU

On the Layer Menubar (Camada). It would make more sense to have it in plural Layer > Camadas

You’re right about those strings in the about dialog, they’re just not marked translatable right now (though the version string is?). However I wonder whether it even makes sense to translate those, since that info is mostly meant to be copy-pasted into bug reports as I understand it, and the common language of us developers is English. @developers, do you think we should make these strings translatable?

As for the Layer menu, I also think it would make sense to rename it to Layers, since it applies not just to the current layer but to the set containing all layers (add and remove entries to/from it).

Also, thanks for taking the time to not just translate what’s there, but also look for the missing bits and pieces!

Given that the information in the about dialog is meant to help us developers, I see no reason to make it translatable.

As for the layer menu labelling, I too think that it should be renamed.

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One question: are you all thinking to improve MyPaint Pencil2D version?
I mean, It has a long time since @feeef implemented this. But it has some critical issues that would make MyPaint work wonderfully if ever fixed… welll, I like a lot bitmaps, and I hope one day to have this working a lot better than it is now.

here an image I made just now. It is not bad at all.
Made with Pencil2D veresion of Mypaint



It’s on our roadmap for version 0.7 but there’s no ETA.


Well done! Love that image, with that talent and MyPaint, brushes it would be possible to paint scenery to our animations ala Looney Tunes. :slight_smile:

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