0.6.1 Release Plan

@manu :+1:
Exactly !.. That is why I am sooo willing to have it implemented and robust.

I went to watch Looney Tunes animations, just to refresh my memory :smile:

Thanks @kaiko I will update the translations and I think the 0.6.1 is pretty much ready.
About “Layers” menu we can rename it after 0.6.1 since it will break the current translations.

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By the way, the feature “Use Quick Sizing” should be checked as default!

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Hi @chchwy
I need to check/change some spanish translation on Transifex :smile:

Yup, let me know when you are done.

What I meant was that I am not able to review the Spanish translation :blush:

I finished the Spanish and Portuguese translation

Thanks, just updated. I am preparing the v0.6.1 release.

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