Pencil2D Nightly builds 2016

(kaiko) #101


I agree with your idea about having multiple choices while changing the camera values. That is why I invit everybody to say something about how good a camera resolution would be for you, we can have more and clear ideas

Still I do believe the default camera 640x840 is really in need to be deleted. Developers can add settings from “720p” up. But again, it would be a good idea if some other animator would give us some light about this

Thanks for commenting!

(by the way, do you know how to upload a file directly to @chchwy? using this forum?)

(kaiko) #102

Hi @chchwy and other volunteers! :slight_smile:

Now that our site allows to login, I am now going to describe my last impressions of the NightlyBuild from 01July2016

First check here the animation, sort of, that I made using this build. It is called Timing Spacing and Painting

Timing Spacing and Painting
I just got some images examples from Internet and use them in order to get an exact idea/felling of what Timing and Spacing would look like. :slight_smile:

So, now my review for the NightlyBuild 01July2016

When changing my monitor resolution (its height value), the TimeLine in Pencil2D keeps tracking it and resizes accordingly. So, when having several number of layers (12 for instance), the Timeline will not allow to be fully resized in order to see all layer till the bottom one.
[I thought it was worth to mention it, even if it is not a bug :slight_smile: ]

ISSUE BucketTool:
The BucketTool does not work well when using it in addition with a colour Alpha different tan the default 255 value
For checking this: open Pencil2D > draw a basic closed shape > choose a colour on the ColourWheel > change its Alpha Value to something different from 255 > choose the BucketTool and go to the shape to fill it. At the end, it will not fill the whole shape but will “fill” it with just one horizontal line for each try.

Colour Issue.
Example: Choose any pre-defined colour on the “ColourPalette” window (for instance the colour named “Green”). Go to the ColourWheel Panel and select a different colour (RED, for instance).
Checking now you will see that a “new” pre-define RED-color is placed on the List, replacing the GREEN one. I believe it should not behave like that because it is just adding the same changes of the ColourWheel selection and for that order all other colours are not protected and will eventually change without warning, and that does not make any sense since all colours have their specific name displayed next to its colour.
Another thing is that there is the “plus” for AddingColour feature. There should also have a Removecolour feature
-make the pre-defined colours on the ColourPalette’s List to be independent of the ColourWheel changes
-add a RemoveColour feature on the ColourPalette panel

Issue with the BrushTool
Here another thing with the FEATURE Tool mentioned above on my previous post #28699. Now it is behaving differently because I was using the NightlyBuild from 01July2016.
Select the BrushTool. UNCHECK the “Use Feather?” feature (in the Options Panel) and have the “Pressure” option SELECTED: the result will bring strokes with NO pressure sensitivity. Not selecting this Feather option works the same way as Not selecting Pressure sensitivity
Request: to allow independent use of the Feather and Pressure options

Improving Request
Is there a way to use the MoveTool (hotkey Q) in addition with the “arrow keys” on the keyboard in order to execute precise moves of objects along the X and Y axis AND allowing additional extra functionality for moving them “x5” or “x10” times faster along the canvas?
Right now it is a bit of time consuming for instance if we want to move an object from right to left because as default the “arrow keys” only allows to move objects one (1) millimetre at the time
Request: add a shortcut for Speed Precise Move 5xrigth/left 5xup/down (or even 10x faster)

it is all
Keep animating your life!


(mcsblanc) #103

Bonjour à toutes et tous

J’utilise la dernière version du 1er juillet 2016 sur mon IMAC.

Elle fonctionne de mieux en mieux. J’ai un problème avec le zoom
et la souris. Le zoom est beaucoup trop rapide et comme j’ai une souris tactile
le zoom se déclenche même quand je fais un clic droit ou gauche.

Avez vous déjà eu ce problème et peut-il être résolu?

I use the latest version of 1 July 2016 on my IMAC.

It works better. I have a problem with the zoom
and mouse. The zoom is far too fast and as I have a touch mouse
the zoom is activated even when I make a right or left click.

Have you ever had this problem and it can be solved?

Merci et bonne continuation.

(mcsblanc) #104


Quand on sort de Pencil2D, dans la dernière version du 1er juillet,
si on a oublié de sauvegarder l’application se ferme quand même.
Avez vous constaté ce problème.

Quand on veut modifier un point d’une courbe vecteur qui chevauche
une autre courbe, le point déplace les deux courbes.

When one leaves Pencil2D in the latest July 1,
if you forgot to save the application is still firm.
Have you noticed this problem.

When we want to change a point of a vector curve that overlaps
another curve, the point moves the two curves.

Merci pour tout votre travail.

(Jose Moreno) #105

@mcsblanc Hi Stéphane, If you are experiencing issues, bugs or want to suggest features please do it on the Github repository. Since there are few developers and we had a problem with hackers on this site, not many of them are visiting the forum.

I hope this is not a problem for you, but if it is I’ll try to post these issues in the github and link to your posts. Sorry it took me so long to answer but i’ve been really busy as well. Take care and thank you for letting us know :slight_smile:

(Jose Moreno) #106

@neeby Hi I noticed the sound issues too, I have to make a bug report regarding that, there are a lot of problems, but at least we can hear sound now, it’s just not practical at the moment.

@kaiko Great comments. I’d like to ask you to report any issues on the Github repository. Due to the hacking problem the devs have been hanging around only on github, and it’s better to make separate reports for separate bugs.

Also nice timelapse :), take care!

(kaiko) #107

Hi @morr

I don’t have a Github account any more. But I understand your point :slight_smile:

To Developers:
Building the last MasterCode from Github (01Set2016) gives me the following feedback:

Finally we got implemented the pop-up window for alerting users to save their work before closing Pencil2D. Working fine. Well done! :slight_smile:
Also the signal Star for alerting users of any unsaved changes was a good clever feature and it is working OK

Keep animating… your life!

I am not sure if someone already mentioned it before but the BRUSH Tool is lagging a bit while placing strokes. It is more noticeable if we speed up the process.

hei @feeef.
We all know you have not free time as before, but I would really like to ask you if you did managed to implement, even in a Alpha/trashy state, MyPaint Brush engine inside Pencil2D?
I would like to play with it if you don’t mind, for testing purpose

Thank you in advance

(feeef) #108

@kaiko, I have actually done very good progress on the mypaint integration but I have been struggling like crazy on one single feature that is zooming in and out on the canvas.

The mypaint brush engine is behaving differently from the previous brush engine in term of rendering and it is why I cannot reuse the old code for that matter. Having an infinite drawing area is causing me real problems at the moment. I will need some help from people more clever than me!

I will disable this feature at the moment and complete the brush engine integration (which shouldn’t be a problem), in order for everyone to have a preview of how good Pencil can be with mypaint.

Trust me, it is pretty fast (as mypaint is) and it is even working very well on my 13 years old powerbook G4. Mypaint is such an amazing piece of software!

As soon as I get the time, I will complete this “preview” version and let you know about it!

I am sorry, I wish I could have more time and be faster! Be patient, I am still very motivated and I can’t wait for Pencil to go Mypaint!

(feeef) #109

@mcsblanc, désolé pour la réponse tardive. J’ai moi aussi eu ce genre de problème avec quelques logiciels en utilisant la souris Apple, ce qui m’a poussé à changer de souris.

On devrait ajouter un réglage dans les préférences pour choisir entre “scroll” ou “ctrl + scroll” pour zoomer.

Comme le suggère José, je vais rajouter le bug sur Github.

Merci pour ton post en tout cas!

(kaiko) #110

Hi @feeef
That is a wonderful, wonderful news, really! (I should have asked you for that long ago LOL :smiley: )
I am really really excited about the idea of having Pencil2D with better painting tools. To be honest I believe it will be a more suitable software than KritaAnimation, for me.

I have just downloaded the latest version of MyPaint but unfortunately it doesn’t even open on my system (Windows 8.1). I remembered to have tested it long ago, when it worked sort-of, and really liked the way the painting tools worked, also like its icons, etc…

And Yes, please, finish that implementation with MyPaint and allow us to play with it. If Zooming is the “only” main problem, I believe disabling it we can still animate (and paint) without too much trouble… well, that is my guess

Thank you!

(feeef) #111

I use krita and mypaint quite often as I only work with free software and I have to admit that I like both of them.

Krita is very powerful but it is resource intensive. The animation tool is a bit buggy but very usable. It is my current animation software but I will replace it with Pencil2D at some point! :wink:

Mypaint is much lighter while being such a powerful brush engine. However, at the moment, Mypaint is only usable for digital painting because the software is missing a lot of image manipulation features like select and transform tools.

I believe that Pencil2D with Mypaint will be an amazing combination and will attract a lot of animators.

(kaiko) #112

“Pencil2D with Mypaint will be an AMAZING! combination and will attract a lot of animators”

Sure thing!

(feeef) #113

Here it is ! :slight_smile:

(kaiko) #114


You made it again!.. Thank you. Now Pencil2D looks a bit more fun/serious to work with

I have just saw your last merge pull (#539) and that is a big list of coding… and that was only for the new Movie Exporting thing

I have tested the MasterCode from Github (10Oct2016) and:
The Movie Export is working OK
The MP4 and AVI extensions renders are OK. The GIF final render is showing some halo yellow colours around shapes

One thing for those trying this MasterCode. You will need to add a new folder called plugins to the same directory as the executable Pencil2D.
You will need to extract the ffmpeg.exe from here: (download the proper file to your system and after unzipping it go to the folder called bin) and copy the ffmpeg.exe file to the plugins folder)

New things were improved and added from the last build:
.Shortcut key for dragging Timeline new addition [MMB + Dragging left/right]. Was something that I asked you and you made it :slight_smile: … Working fine and it is sooo useful
.The number of Loop control is fixed. Can now be looped to >100 frames. Added to this there is a new Yellow colour line showing the selected loop frames on the timeline. Nice and clever one
.The “FRAME SIZE IN PIXELS” (on Edit > Preferences > Timeline) was improved allowing now to work with values under 12pixels. Great improvement for longer animations

So far so good
Thank you to those helping Matt

:)… Keep animating your life

(Matt) #115


Give credit to @scribblemaniac, he did a bunch of improvements/bug fixes.

(Matt) #116

Nightly build Oct 10 for Windows is out.

(Matt) #117

Nightly build Oct 12 for Mac is out!

(kaiko) #118

Thank you @chchwy for this update.

I will not be able to test it the next days, so much work around here. So when I get the chance I will do a review of it, if not a mini-short animation or so made with it

(kaiko) #119

You are right. I wasn’t paying too much attention to names when I checked the MasterCode from GitHub, and now I can see that @scribblemaniac has done a fantastic job. Really nice improvements to the timeline :slight_smile:

Thank you @scribblemaniac for your time and dedication here!

(Pierrot) #120

Hi guys!
I have a problem. May be it’s just for me but… why I can’t move the camera frame on camera layer. I have this problem in all last few builds. 0.5.4 is OK.