Pencil2D Nightly builds 2016

(Sumit) #81

@feeef I like that idea about not always selecting the camera layer for export. It seems that something went wrong as you said. From what I see, you coded a way to use the last used camera to be selected for export? Maybe something went wrong there.

Could it be possible to code it in a way that it uses the current camera layer properties(resolution), rather than when it was last selected? From the look of it, it seems that it would then become necessary to select the camera layer at least once after any/every change made to it. Even though we would have to select the camera layer, in the first place, in order to make any change.

Anyways, I actually like the new change regarding the camera border. It was a pain earlier that when I zoomed out I couldn’t see the border if I wanted to work on a higher resolution like 1080p and above. But now its great. While retaining the infinite canvas factor, the locking of the camera layer border has made it good way to frame the animations. Heck, 4k is just around the corner now :smiley: :smiley: I appreciate this a lot. Thank You developers.


(neeby) #82

Will there be a Mac version? I’d love to try it.

(alexandervrs) #83

I wonder, is there a build update on the nightlies coming? I’d love to be able to use the layer opacity especially.

(mcsblanc) #84


Je souhaiterai savoir est ce que vous envisagez l’évolution de la version MAC?

I shall like to know is what you envisage the evolution of version MAC?




(artsunz) #85

Are the Windows nightly builds 64 bits only? I can’t get them to run, an error message pops up saying that the binary is not compatible with my version of Windows.

Running on W7 32 bits, by the way. Thanks in advance.

(Jose Moreno) #86

@artsunz Hey, yes apparently current Nightly Builds versions for Windows only work for 64 bits. However I cannot completely confirm this statement. Hopefully our lead developer @chchwy can help us with this. If noone answers I’ll ask in our Github, but for the moment I’m afraid there’s little I can do to help since I don’t know how to compile the source code to change this behaviour. I’ll try to be alert for any kind of development on this matter. Cheers.

(artsunz) #87

Ah, I kinda figured that was the case. Kind of a bummer but it makes perfect sense. Thanks for the reply, Jose!

(Matt) #88

Nightly build June 17 2016 is out.

(kaiko) #89

Thank you @chchwy!

I am doing a very small animation. I will continue it with this new build…

I will let you know details later

(Sumit) #90

Thank you for the update. Will start working on it soon. I’m being lazy these days. But want to work on something for passing time.

(giannijk) #91

Thanks a lot Matt!!!

(kaiko) #92

I decided to post my view of the last Nightly Build here in one post, instead of opening a new post for every other comment.

So, be patient since it is a large text

Resume after using last Nightly Build (17Junh2016)

In order to test this build Iam doing a small animation, till now I got 200 frames and 10 layers and Pencil2D takes about 30seconds to save it

My computer specification:
Win8.1/ i7 6700k/ 32GB / GTX970

My concerns
.Pencil2d starts with a camera resolution 640x840. Now a days it is a bit outdated. So why not delete this default resolution and implement a new one with at least 1024x768, or even better with 1920x1080 as default?

.It would be great if Pencil2D could handle copy/paste several frames, and re-create them along the Timeline. Also a request “Reverse Frame”'s feature would be great in order to revert the position of the entire selected frames (frames would be pasted with their original position switched)

.For the Timeline, it would be of great use (specially for animations using more than 200frames) to have a keyboard shortcut for DRAGGING (left/right) the whole timeline for faster searching frames (feature similar to Blender3D)

So, resuming:
. Delete the default camera resolution and implement a new one (1920x1080, for instance)
. Implement Copy/paste selected frames (I think it is already asked on Github)
. Add new “ReverseFrames” feature
. New Shortcut key for dragging Timeline

.Only when using BRUSHtool
FEATHER TOOL is always ON: When using the FeatherTool (on Tools Window), it is not working OK. When the “Use Feather?”'s feature is NOT selected, it still brings feather to the strokes. In order to cancel it just move the Feather’s slide all down to zero. It also happens with the Feather on the EraserTool

.HORIZONTAL FLIP (on Display Window)
When the canvas is flipped horizontally, you can not make a selection box (shortcut V) if you drag your cursor to the Right, but it is possible to create it while dragging the cursor to your LEFT (the selected box was flipped too).
When the canvas is not flipped, you create a selection box dragging the cursor to your RIGHT
(why do not make the Select tool to work both ways?)
With the canvas still flipped, the way to resize a tool is also flipped horizontally, meaning you have to drag the cursor to your LEFT to INCREASE any particular value.

.Pencil2D always load an animation with 24fps (frames per second), even if the animation was saved at 12fps. Not sure if this is Ok

.The “FRAME SIZE IN PIXELS” (on Edit > Preferences > Timeline) does not work for values under 12. It will help to have it working for animations longer than 150 frames, for stretching the whole content of the Timeline

.Something that I found to be curious was the way Pencil2D handled the speed of my animation when played at the same rate speed 24fps: for some unknown reason it doesn’t play the animation at the exact same speed. Sometimes it slowed it down and it could be noticed clearly…

Now I am listing several ISSUES from Github in order to close them as they were already solved/implemented so far.
So @chchwy, as you are the one in charge there, would you mind to just check those here, if you like of course, and have them closed?.. ah, by the way, I have re-checked all of them twice, so…

ISSUE #131 (Rotating Tool) can be closed. It is already implemented

ISSUE #17 (Better Onion Skin) can be closed. It is already implemented

ISSUE #16 (Colour Library) I think can be closed, unless I missed something

ISSUE #262 (Crashing when importing .png sequence) can be closed. Pencil2D import .png sequence is working OK

ISSUE #254 (Add option to select language) can be closed. It is already implemented

ISSUE #157 (An instant/Pop-up palette…) is half implemented. We already have Penil2D with an Instant Colour-Wheel pop-up window. Maybe this ISSUE can be edited with an updated information?

ISSUE #243 (Implement Loop Selected Frames) can be closed. It is already implemented, but it is not very handy and it is very limited. The Loop Control does not allow users to enter a keyboard number but rather to click several times on the LoopControl box till you get the frames that you want.
Related to this ISSUE, the LOOP CONTROL can only be applied from frame 1 to frame 99. If the animation is longer than 100 frames, this feature is of no use when you select a range of frames, lets say, from frame 150 to frame 200

ISSUE #458 is a duplicated of ISSUE #6. Delete one of them :slight_smile:

ISSUE #35 (Error importing anything from the importing option…) can be closed. Meanwhile I would like to add the following information just to check that that ISSUE was solved:
Importing SINGLE IMAGE: ALL images with the following extensions can be imported inside Pencil2D (png/PNG, jpg/JPG, bmp/BMP, gif/GIF, tif/TIF (lowercase/uppercase)
Importing IMAGE SEQUENCE: Only the following extensions png, jpg, bmp are working fine (only lowercase extensions)
The uppercase extensions are not working when importing Image Sequence. Can this be considered normal and not a bug?

ISSUE #427 (“openRecent” feature is not working) I think it can be closed, but read the next information.
I noticed something that might have me thinking it was a bug at first, not sure now. The OpenRecent window ONLY shows the recent files path for files with .pclx extension. If I happen to Import a png image using the IMPORT IMAGE feature, it will not be showed there. Is this OK?

That’s all
Have a nice animation

(Matt) #93

Nightly build July 1 is out.

(Matt) #94

Thank you @kaiko

  1. I will update the default camera resolution, maybe 1280x720 is ok? It’s a modern size but not occupy the whole FHD screen space.

  2. Copy/Paste selected frame and reverse frame all is about timeline manipulation. It’s currently the weakness of Pencil2D. I will put them into the development plan in next version.

  3. Shortcut key for dragging Timeline, got it.

  4. Feather/Selction when Horizontal flip/fps problem I will keep track of them.

  5. #6, #16, #17, #35, #131, #243 #254 are closed

  6. Importing Image Sequence with uppercase extension is a bug, you are right.

  7. The number of Loop control <100 is a bug.

  8. Open Recent only work for .pcl/.pclx.

(kaiko) #95

Hey @chchwy
Very nice update!

  1. About the new camera resolution, 1280×720 looks better but I am not sure about its “height” value (720). Maybe @morr would like to come here and help us and give his opinion, also other animators. But it is definitely a more updated resolution.
    [a note: I use different resolutions for my three monitors, none of them have a height value lower than 800, but of course it depends on the relation of the two values, and the graphic card output resolutions]

We are getting there @chchwy!
I am starting to see the real potential withing Pencil2D. Really nice User Interface, no other software has it [oh, I would like to mention the automatic resize feature implemented to the ColorWheel Panel, I just noticed it a while back, and the Alpha Channel fix-value was a good one] and really good improvements since the beginning of its development

And one thing left, a very important Shortcut key © is not working. It doesn’t pop-up the ColorWheel/Palette
There is still other shortcuts that do not work at all, but I will update a list with those when necessary

(kaiko) #96

Thank you.

I will test it when I have time. The sound part is a new thing for me.

(Jose Moreno) #97

@kaiko @chchwy 1280 x 720 is the resolution quoted as “720p” it’s basically a High definition resolution, which is pretty common these days. I think it’s ok that the default has been changed, however it isn’t exactly better. Most people use low resolutions to avoid Pencil crashing, or because they are creating web animation via GIF’s, so it’s not like having it be 640 x 480 (which was TV Standard Definition resolution until a few years ago) was any different.

I’d be much more interested to allow the user to change permanently the base resolution to anything they want. This is a matter for a feature request I have yet to make which is to migrate the real Pencil preferences to an actual file. I discovered these preferences are bound to the registry which is incredibly tedious to change and it doesn’t help when testing several builds (remember those threads where people were complaining about how the floating windows would not reappear after reinstalling? well that’s the cause)

(Sumit) #98

Dang that was fast. Thank You Matt and the developers volunteering. Keep it up.

(neeby) #99

Thanks for fixing the sound.

A couple of issues I’ve noticed so far - if I pause midway through playback and then hit play again, I get silence.

If I turn on ‘Loop’, the sound file keeps playing through to the end, instead of starting over when the animation goes back to frame 1.

The sound on/off button doesn’t appear to work.

I’m on Mac OSX El Capitan.

(kaiko) #100

Everything you mentioned is also happening here with my system