Pencil2D Nightly builds 2016

(Oliver) #61

Okay good news! it seems that some of the newest changes has fixed the tablet problem… at least i don’t have any issues anymore \o/ i tried the changes which feeef applied some days ago, and that didn’t fix it, but somewhere between that time and the last build, has fixed the problem for me.

edit: Ahh Matt fixed it a day ago, well awesome anyway ^^

(Matt) #62

Nightly build Dec 19 is out.

(kaiko) #63

Thank you Matt!

(Connorses) #64

Hey guys, I know I don’t come around this forum very often but I check in sometimes, and it’s always great to know Pencil2D is still getting updates and fixes. Not only is it great for animation, but it’s a nice drawing tool in general, and sometimes I use it for general digital art. I’ll be posting feedback when I can, I think I’ll have to check back more often. ;D

(feeef) #65

Thank you very much @connors! The more users, the more feedback and the best Pencil will be!

(MiSc) #66

A little heads up, you might want to fix the filename of the Windows executable in the next release :wink:

(Matt) #67

Nightly build Jan 14 is out.

(Jose Moreno) #68

@chchwy @feeef @derek_saif @jonasthomas @highkillerdk

The Pencil2D community Thank you guys for all of your hard work! :slight_smile:

(jonasthomas) #69

I was looking forward to pulling down the latest changes from github and the sight is down tonight… ;(

I wonder if they forgot to renew there domain?


(Jose Moreno) #70

@jonasthomas you mean the Github? weird I’m browsing it just fine :open_mouth: Try clearing your browser cache, maybe it was indeed down, but now it’s up! :slight_smile:

(jonasthomas) #71

Yep… Down and it’s now back up.


(icon) #72


The Night build version for Linux doesn’t work anyway (I think only works on machine where it was compiled.)! I recommend checking this link.

Maybe this link helps to create a version more portable.

Or check appimage way

like Krita, blender etc.

(Aqua Feathers) #73

Do you think you could fix a crashing problem when importing MP3 audio on a Mac…?

(chenjie108) #74

How do you get to the night build?

I downloaded the 2016 version and unzipped it and just have a bunch of folders: audio, bearer, iconengines, etc.

Not crazy tech-savvy, any help? Thanks

(Jose Moreno) #75

@chenjie108 It’s ok not all of us are super informed about technology :slight_smile: However you were right on track! after unzipping the Jan 14 2016 version file you’ll get this:

You just have to double click the only “application” file there is, on the image it’s the one that is highlighted with blue and has the little “pencil” icon that says “Pecil2D.exe” (it should actually say Pencil2D.exe but apparently there was a small typo when it was packaged) Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Then the program will open! If you’re on a mac it should be a fairly similar process, although it should be a .dmg file if i’m not mistaken.

(Jose Moreno) #76

@aquafeathers Our developers are working on it. It’s not as easy as it seems tho. There has been some debate upon how to get to implement this feature so it becomes easier to fix should anything breaks in the future or if new developers take over the project, remember this is the nature of open-source software since it’s primarily boosted by volunteer efforts to make the project possible.

Anyway, right now I can’t offer you a definitive solution to this problem. I could make a tutorial on how to analyze sound using a professional 3D software called Blender, which is an open source (free) tool for 3D animation that conveniently has a video editing module. Since it also works in frames you could analyze your sounds in it and mark down which frames you would need to draw over in pencil2D, but of course this is not ideal.

Blender has however a feature called the grease pencil that allows you to draw almost as you would in Pencil, but despite being a solid app this feature is still slightly experimental for 2D animation.

I’m telling you this because we don’t want people like you to abandon their creative ideas just because the software is lacking some features, so I’d rather have you use something else as long as you can create the way you want to.

If you still want the tutorial to mix both programs let me know and I’ll gladly make it, other than that we just have to be patient meanwhile Pencil2D gets the sound capabilities added once and for all. Cheers.

(Aenuk) #77

Yei! i can finally work on my small monitor at higher resolutions! thank you so much!

(Jose Moreno) #78

@chchwy Thank you for getting March 9th Nightly build out :slight_smile:

With that said I feel some issues that appear as “fixed” should not be linked in the Fix description because they are either not fixed or they weren’t really ‘bugs’.

So in order to warn other users when they are using this new Nightly Build i’ll write an ‘errata’ for the release notes below:

Issue #453 was closed not because it was fixed but because it was a duplicate of issue #289 which remains open.

So the sound problem has NOT been actually fixed. In fact in MArch 9th 2016 Nightly Build there’s a severely critical problem now where if you create a new sound layer, save the file and reopen the sound layer is gone. And to make it worse if you import a unique sound into that layer, once you reopen the actual sound file will be deleted from the computer! I just lost a test file like that, but if other users utilize this without warning they might lose their songs or unique files without warning! (I’ll report it properly later on)

Also Issue #449 was more like a question than a fix, because the user didn’t understand how to use the onion skin visualization feature and didn’t ask in the forum before reporting, so it shouldn’t be counted as a “fixed” problem, because there never was a problem to start with.

Issue #424 is fixed via #433 AND #436 was actually fixed via #456 which is not included in the notes. The layer management system still has a leftover minor bug which I will report soon, as it is related to this.

Issue #429 was a feature request that was ultimately dropped (hence it was closed), so it shouldn’t be counted as a “fix” however the idea still lingers in issue #391 which addresses similar features to favor unifying the selection and move tool into a single tool.

(Sumit) #79

I liked the new nightly build. Great work by the programmers.

I just found an issue, not a bug, but its about exporting image sequences. In the previous nightly builds it would say to select the camera layer before exporting or else it wouldn’t let us export. With the new one, I didn’t get such a message and I exported images sequences of a vector layer, and when I looked at the image files, they were all blank! Since I have been using Pencil for a while, I figured out that its because I didn’t select the camera layer, and hence the blank images. It was all good once I exported from the camera layer. But then there might be problem for new people who don’t know and will probably report bugs about image files being blank after exporting.

(feeef) #80

Thanks for the feedback @sumit_makwana ! I have done that change and didn’t test it properly.

I tried to make the last used camera to be the one selected for the export.

I thought it would be useless to ask the user to select a camera when there is only one in the timeline.

But it seems there is something wrong when the camera is not manually selected. I will fix that!

Sorry about that!