Zooms out all the way with one click of wheel

I’m on Linux Mint. I think I found a thread where this bug seems to have been fixed but maybe it was with the other OSs? Anyway, when I try to zoom out slowly by rolling my scroll wheel on my mouse towards me, it jumps all the way out to where my scene is only a few pixels across. I can zoom back in correctly.


In my experience it works fine in Windows 10 & 11.

I am experiencing the same issue on Linux. I built the application from source to use the latest revision a few months ago, and I believe that is when I started experiencing it.

I just built and tested the latest revision, and the issue is fixed. If you can, I would recommended going with that.

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@henk Sorry it seems this passed under our radar. As @Pixelthegreat the solution for now is to use the latest development version that can run for your Linux flavor since the “stable” release that is on the Linux repos should be over 2 years old.

Currently we are working on improving the software via nightly builds so people can test early, but until a new stable release is achieved those repos won’t be updated (And we don’t know if all the volunteers that used to help us are still interested in doing that either :sweat: )

The most direct method is to recompile the software using the appropriate Qt toolchain. That said, you can go to our Nightly Builds release page and directly download an x64 Appimage for the most recent dev release.

That way you shouldn’t need to recompile if it manages to become an inconvenience for you. If by any chance it doesn’t work let us know so we can investigate. Cheers :wave:

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