i like the program but i would like zoom in the program it will be easy for me or more people?

Thank you @andreia_silva

…Maybe you are refering to animated zoom for the camera, aren’t you? It’s a good idea and, from what I know, it’s not possible.

I’m adding it to my “todo list” but I’m so swamped with work that I can’t promise anything right now.

If you were refering to the view zoom, there are 4 ways to zoom in / out:

  1. From the menu: View/Zoom in (or out)

  2. Shortcut: Control key + up / down arrow
    You can change the actual shortcut from main menu/edit/preferences/shortcuts.

  3. Mouse: Control key + mouse wheel

  4. Pen/tablet: press top button while moving


are pencil2D going to have like 640x400? or something like that


If you mean dimensions of the rendered animation, that is controlled by the selected camera layer. To change the dimensions of a camera, double-click the camera layer you want to change. You can have multiple camera layers with different dimensions, and the scene will be rendered at whatever size is set by the camera layer you select before the animation is rendered.