Zoom problem

when i am zoombes move then zoom out it zooms out i cant explain it cleary i hope you undairstand

@mrge0rgi I reported a zooming issue yesterday where you couldn’t zoom in smoothly with your mouse or pen tablet stylus. Is this what you mean?

If it is, it’s already been fixed. It should work on August 22nd minor version onwards, here’s the direct link:


Right now we’re focusing on fixing whatever is broken, so these reports actually help us to make the upcoming public release version as stable as possible. So thank you for reporting all of these issues :slight_smile:

yo i understand him very will he is say’n pencil2d is Zooming while he is working without pressing any thing haha fk me

@Old_user Hi. This is a 3 year old thread. This was a different issue where specifically you were trying to zoom and the thing went all the way in or out. And this was fixed.

If you’re having a specific zooming problem right now with the latest version please either record a video or describe very thoroughly what and how is happening.

The devs also will require to know your computer specs, like:

  1. Current OS
  2. RAM
  3. CPU Speed + Cores (model and brand will also help)
  4. Graphics Tablet model + brand or input digitizer (trackpad, specific orthopedic mouse pointer, etc)

Thanks for commenting :v: