XPlayer will not play finished video - Linux Mint

Running the AppImage 6.61 on Linux Mint 19.1.

After I export a MP4, there is the option presented to play the newly created video. Clicking yes, in 6.11 from the Linux Mint Package Manager (installed version), XPlayer (the default LM player launches and the video plays).

Unfortunately, in 6.61 AppImage, this option throws a non-fatal error notice from XPlayer popping up… “XPlayer could not start up… Some necessary plugins are missing. Make sure the program is correctly installed.”

The solution for now, is simply to open the folder containing the new video and click on it… it will then run correctly.

Any ideas what XPlayer might be looking for?

@CmdrMic Hi thank you for letting us know. I don’t have an up to date linux mint distro to test, but may I inconvenience you to test if this happens with the flatpack version? The instructions are on the download website but you can also take a look at flathub for more info


Now, since XPlayer does run the video properly when running from the folder itself, there may be some kind of flag or command that needs adjustment for the Linux conditional code in Pencil2D. But that’s just my intuition, I personally wouldn’t know where to look for this :thinking:

Let’s wait for a developer to take notice of this issue as well so they can participate in the discussion.

There may be differences in the environment in which XPlayer is called from an AppImage. Most likely, the plugins missing are gstreamer plugins, of which only the ones needed for Pencil2D’s functioning are included. You can run gsettings set org.x.player debug true and maybe get more information about what plugins are missing. If you find that out, you could copy them into the appimage although that is a fairly involved process for the average user.

This almost certainly isn’t an issue directly caused by Pencil2D, nor is it something we can really fix as including every gstreamer plugin would bloat the program. Non-appimage versions (ex. from source or the flatpak) will likely work better for you if this is a problem that is bothering you a lot.

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