Word Press ?

I am pretty new to the forum, and also I really don’t like to “complain”, even more so when I am using “opensource” free software, in this case Pencil2D, on that I am very grateful, to have what is available , I do not know much at all about coding, and what little I do know, is only with good old DOS,and qbasic, nothing about C+, nor QT,…so I can not offer to help with development, other then if and when I encounter real “bugs” ,report them, ??

But that is kind of another subject, this also is the first forum I have ever participated in that is Word Press, and that is where I hate to complain, but WordPress , so far seems to me like about the worst forum software I have ever seen, it is awful (in my opinion), posting quotes, or code, there does not seem to be anyway to put the code in a “code window”, same, quotes, and I always have to an unbelievable amount editing, because for some reason often it totally “garbels” the post with all sorts of html code, Ok, well perhaps it is because I am not familiar with Word Press, and am not using it correctly ?,…I am a moderator at StopForumSpam, occasional people post about problems they have getting spam protection plugins,or mods to work with Word Press, on that end it appears word press is somewhat “defective” too, and not easy for the administrators to modify,or configure it.

Another issue seems to be the reply notices, in this thread


The person had the reply notice , totally garbled, so anyway, that is why I decided to start this topic, not so much as to complain, but ask, and offer to help, I would be very willing to help out , any way I can. First, just one question, Is there a reason that WordPress has to be used as the forum software, ? there are better options available, SMF,PHPBB, FluxBB, and more, but for example , Vbuliton, is another “awful|” software (at least in my opinion,…anyway, I wonder what other members think, and then of course the most important is the Owner/admin of the site, if he would be open to changing over to a better forum software,…personally I think it would also perhaps increase the activity, on the forum, and possibly attract some “advanced programers” or code writers, that might be able to help work out some of the minor “bugs” and shortcomings of Pencil2D, or at least, make it easier to for example, in the above thread I listed, the OP, wanted to know more about how to “export”, or use a convert command, available with image magick, there is a way to do what the OP is looking for, but it would be impossible to post the comandline code, and instructions, here on WordPress (at least for me), …on a good forum software, that uses bb code, it is easy, and easy to submit images,gifs,animations or links to them, etc,… so anyway, guess that is about it. Hopefully I don;t have to do to much editing to make this readable. Thanks

Hi @garryr !
I have made website since years and I had forums powered by phpbb and fluxbb, etc.
The reason I have choose Wordpress is that I needed to build a simple website to host this project and that I know Wordpress very good.

That’s true, bbPress (here) is not the best piece of forum ever.
BUT it continue to improve, and, above all, it is fully integrated with Wordpress and BuddyPress, which is easier for us : one account for the whole website; no need to register several times, etc.

I trust Wordpress as it has a LARGE community.
If bbPress is not the best one actually, I’m sure it will continue improving.

Ok, well thank you for the reply, and I guess I just need to learn,and get used to how Word Press works, I do appreciate your work in keeping the site available. thanks