Wine Emulator

Currently the newest Nightly build works great in wine for Arch Linux.

Here is the link for the wine-db page I created because of this:

WineHQ - pencil2d

@jts1559 That’s actually really nice! Thank you for sharing your success with this experiment!. Have you also tried compiling the app from source for Arch Linux?

We only have instructions to compile for Ubuntu 13.10 (Apparently It also works for 14.04) but we could use some help to flesh out a guide for building for other linux distros, do you think it’s possible for you to help us with an Arch Linux version of these instructions?

Anyway, thanks for letting us know that it works with wine and for creating that page!

I should figure out how to compile pencil2d, but I am not very good at that. This is why I used wine instead, beacuse I know how to use it slightly better. Anyways I will be unable to test any of this for a while because my Linux box isn’t working.

@jts1559 Don’t worry! this is more of an informal request than anything, if you find the time We’d love the help. I think this would also help you to experiment more with the building side of linux, which sometimes is better to know, just in case when you want programs outside of a particular distro scope.

Either way thank you and don’t worry, whenever is fine! Hope you can fix your Linux box soon though!