Windows 7 Laptop, can't get things to work

Hi all, fair warning i am not that savy with this but i did my best. installed Pencil2d, installed, unzipped, ran exe. first it said missing msvcp140.dll downloaded and followed that step no prob. then it said, *api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing

clicked that link, go to run it and laptop says can only run one instance of wusa.exe this is where i am stumped and not sure what else to do, did i do something wrong etc?

really wanting to use this program and realizing its a microsoft issue…frustrated. thank you for any help

If you’re downloading msvcp140.dll, you’re doing something wrong. I would recommend starting over: Download Pencil2D, extract all of the files from the zip to a folder, run Pencil2D. If you get an error saying msvcp140.dll is missing, run the vcredist file in your Pencil2D directory to install the necessary components, then try running Pencil2D again.

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@LexiaFira I’m tagging you since Scribblemaniac answered part of your question recently. This is a common problem with “vanilla” or so called new Windows installations or installations without proper updates.

As mentioned it’s not recommended to download separate DLL files, as third party sites might have malware. Pencil2D comes bundled with an installer that takes care of the missing MSVCP140.dll issue, but you can also get this directly from microsoft

For the particular message on your screen you also need the universal C runtime for Windows 7 which you can find on our quick troubleshooting section on the software download website

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thank you both for the help! i downloaded the file to fix the MSVCP40.dll issue. then it pops up with this issue

i used the windows 7 64bit link provided on the trouble shooting page going to post again because it only lets me do one picture per post

its now stuck on the windows update standalone installer i have installed pencil 2d to my desktop computer and its working. i was hoping that i could have it on the laptop in case i have to pack up the desktop (moving things around and need a new computer desk etc) so i have it working on one device so its fine for now. thank you so much for your help! @scribblemaniac @JoseMoreno

as the laptop isn’t mine and is being lent to me, at worst i will just remove the program, and as long as i have pencil2d on one computer it works. plus the laptop is super sensitive even though i’ve altered the keyboard and mousepad settings it still skips so its probably best i not have it on the laptop. etc etc rambling

@LexiaFira Honestly since Microsoft already stopped supporting and updating Windows 7 since almost 1 year ago, it’s hard to tell to what extent will things keep working. Even Pencil2D new versions, at some point will be forced to stop supporting Windows 7 and 8 since the base technology Pencil2D uses is always deprecating operating system, so if we want to keep up to date to avoid critical bugs, we might need to stop said support, but that’s only speculation for now.

We hope you can make it work on your laptop, otherwise let me know and i’ll link other potential animation apps you could try that have synergy with Pencil2D.

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again thank you so much, i know i should update to windows 10 but this computer is so old ( over 10 years) i’m already saving for a new computer/ art tablet…something. so i can use this computer to save files and go from there.

the laptop was to see if it would work, but again as it was lent to me i am not going to go too deep with it. thank you for the links and yes please

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