Windows 11 or can you help me

hy when ti be on windows 11 becoaz i just instal windows 11 and i can´t instal ip

@jakub Hi, unfortunately Windows 11 is not yet support it because it’s too new and the base technology stack Pencil2D uses doesn’t have compatibility for it just yet.

Since it’s Windows you could try the compatibility mode by right clicking the Pencil2D.exe application file.

Try reading this guide as well

As a personal comment, Windows 11 is still too new and it may have severe bugs and issues, it would have been better to wait for at least a year to upgrade since windows 10 is meant to be supported at least in 2023 (for the update labeled as 20H2).

Hi @jakub @JoseMoreno

@jakub, I tried Pencil2D with Win11 and it is working OK. You just need to do the compatibility thing that @JoseMoreno is pointing out for activating the pressure sensitive. Other than that, it is just fine as it is.

When you mentioned “you can’t install it”, I thought that you may be getting pencil2d from an old source. Just grab it from here, and give it a try. [grab the newer date listed]. It is not an executable, you don’t need to install it but a direct access to the program.

@JoseMoreno. I have been working with Win11 and it is running smoothly in my system. The difficult part was to pass the limitations that the Microsoft wanted to incorporate in every system, which included to have a specific processor and so on (which was ridiculous to say the least)

Other than that, I am more than happy with it. No difference from Win10, other than a new user interface and some minor changes in the way you search for things inside the system. And to be honest, I recommend to install it. Microsoft has already lunched several updates for optimization, and so far so good…

@kaiko Hey, glad to see you around. Thank you for letting us know about your experience with Windows 11, it is valuable to know that Pencil2D can work. Personally due to previous experiences I wouldn’t recommend using Windows 11 just yet. Microsoft still has a lot of improvements to make.

Windows 10 support by MS won’t be terminated at least until 2024, so the transition will fan out gradually, but I’m sure many people will complain in due time to there might be time extensions.

The other problem we have is that we can’t support Windows 11 until Qt framework 6 is properly working, and it will take months if not a few years for that to happen, so we’re currently locked by to technological vectors.

@JoseMoreno I think it can be problematic for some hardware to install Win11 right now.

But anyway, I will try to add a new animation till the end of this year… so… lets animate!

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