window preview of animation

A smaller window for preview of animation and better because full screen is slow for this, tks

I think this could bee usefull if it helps see the output of the camera layer wihout switching all the time from one layer to the other. But i don’t think there is a probleme with preview. It’s more likely you need more RAM. I use a 1go Ram on my computor and don’t have any problem’s with a >200 frames and several layers animation. With 5OOmo of ram it was very often it would lag.


But i have 6gb ram… if export animation for video , then you have a true speed of video, without this the preview no have true speed. understood ? tip?

I work with 2k and 4k resolution, may be this?

Oh then it’s your GPU!
Ok it maybe its the software. Just that i haven’t had the problem.
Only i really hope it doesn’t mean that wee need to wait for render calculations all the time. That’s pretty annoying i find (in video editors for example).

My vga card is a geforce 8600 gt 512 mb… i think is a nice card for 2d…

Try the software : grapicsgale free edition .

The preview window in the software is and what i would like.<span class=“short_text” id=“result_box” lang=“en”></span>

Does look nice!
But i like to have the more space possible to draw. I would rather take stuff out than in.As a option it could be cool. But for me it would really have to get out of the way when i’m not playing the preview.

GPU was a joke! Don’t get mad! :o)

Your sugestion is a upgrade my vga card ?, i think geforce serie 200 or 300 above is nice ?

What cpu and gpu are you used it?

My hardware is problem for player in pencil, right.?



I don’t know. It’s just a guess. I had hardware issues with my 6 year old Dell Latitude D 820. It’s one of the early DualCore laptops. But i doubled my ram to reach 1Go and i’m fine. I can guive you more details later.
So i’m not sure it’s the reason you have problemes. But for example i only draw lines, no colours and reasonably small pictures.

If you push every thing to ridiculous dimension you have all the chances of running into a hardware limitation.

Well, i work with 2k - 4k resolution and full color plus background… is heavy no?

But if anyone build a windows preview small, this problem is done.

I will wait for this or another fix.

tks for suport.


Does that mean that you import images?
How can you say you work 2K-4K resolution?

I set camera layer to hd full hd 1080, my output is hd.

Then, bitmap layer I load my background with 4k or more resolution to get pan and scrooll zoom efects, etc without lost quality…

For animation persons, I load keys with 1920x1080 and i draw and paint…

Profissional and television output delivery only hd…

This is my way work…