Win 64 Installator

Hi all, last time I started working with Pencil 2d. It was very annoying that files downloaded from Download have not any installer. I tried to create it myself using Innosetup, and it workes! All files are available on github

Please read readme.txt before using innosetup files.

@hv6erT Hi. Pencil2D does not have an installer because it’s a portable application. You can even run it from a USB stick provided your OS is up to date. You simply have to extract the files wherever you want and run the pencil2d.exe.

Other than that congratulations on making your own personal installer. I’m sure someone will find it useful.

AFAIK the Pencil2D team has been working on an official installer, but it was taking time since they have to be very careful with the settings and scripts so it will work for a wide variety of Windows based systems.

I’m sure that once it’s done people that don’t like the current portability of Pencil2D will use that instead of the current approach, though I personally will keep using it as is since I enjoy being able to run the app as soon as I download it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: .

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