Why won't pencil 2d open?

I’ve had pencil 2d before, but it must have been deleted the first time I scanned my laptop when I had pencil 2d. I’ve reinstalled it, but this keeps happening. Why, and how do I fix this?


You might want to ask other experts here but from the top of my head I think this had something to do with missing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable, but I don’t remember which version.

By googling it seems that version 2015 should do it.

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I believe @manu is right in that the MSVC redistributable is missing from your computer. To install it you can use the program vcredist_x64.exe or vcredist_x86.exe which should be located in the same folder as the main Pencil2D executable.

@MathMusicMystery As answered by the others, here’s a direct link to the download page that apparently solves this particular problem for windows users. Please note that this is a Windows problem, not a Pencil2D problem.


@JoseMoreno Well, applications on Windows are supposed to bundle the MSVC version they need, so if anything it is a Pencil2D problem. But as I said above, an installer for the MSVC redistributable is in fact already included with all Pencil2D downloads for Windows, so we do fulfill that requirement, it’s just that users have to run that installer themselves if they don’t have that MSVC version yet, since the ZIP files we provide can’t do it automatically. Seeing how many people are affected by this, we should definitely document it. This should at least be in the FAQ and on the download page IMO, and maybe also in a README in the downloaded ZIP files. I’ll come up with a proposal PR for the former two.

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@J5lx Well I didn’t mean it as if it didn’t concerned us. I meant it as in it’s not a Pencil2D bug. Probably didn’t explain myself better, sorry.

Also as you mention a installer would probably take care of these things. I agree with this being in the FAQ, but it’s probably more reasonable to put a warning on the download page since it’s something specific to windows and it really doesn’t happen to everyone as most games and software installers come with the redistributables, as you mentioned. I believe we’ve just had extraordinary cases one after the other so it seems like that, but these users don’t amount a representative percentage of the total downloads for the windows-only userbase, so we shouldn’t treat this as a critical issue.

If you want I can edit the FAQ since it’s my job. And you can edit the downloads page so we have both covered, let me know if that’s alright with you.

@JoseMoreno I already sent a PR here: https://github.com/pencil2d/pencil2d.github.io/pull/8 As it turns out it was somewhat hidden below all the Linux instructions and Nightly Builds at the very bottom at the page, so I put a short notice on top and a link in the FAQ, that way all places where people might look first should be covered. And yes, it’s a small percentage but it does come up somewhat regularly.

Now I have another problem. helpmeokok2 Is there any way I can fix this?

@MathMusicMystery Are you positive you have a 64 bit operating system? It could be that you need ot download the 32bit version (x86)

Other than that I can’t really say. It’s important that you download the redistributable that is specific for your Windows version as well.

Maybe @chchwy can help us out a bit more?

From what I’ve seen on the internet, it’s unlikely that this error is related to whether you have a 64 or 32 bit system. Actually it’s most likely just as the dialog says – the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Microsoft provides three methods you can try to solve that problem on their support site. The article is for Windows Vista and 7, but most likely it applies to 10 as well. If it doesn’t help, this thread in their community is aimed at Windows XP but might contain some useful info, too.

BTW, I moved this topic to the #support category. Your Stuff is aimed at showing off art you created.

I fixed it by downloading the 32x bit version

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