Why is the "Fill to" Layer option deprecated?

Dep Snapshot

Not to mention the “Reference Layer” option is gone completely.

I’m just wondering- That feature was nice, but it’s unavailable now? I’m sure there’s a good reason of course.

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Hi Joey

We’ve made a few changes regarding the bucket fill to logic, which is what you’re seeing. The logic has been made more tight, which in turn means that in order to enable the ‘fill to’ combo box, you have to set reference mode to all layers.

Incidentally there’s apparently a bug right now, which is why you can’t see the ‘reference’ option at all. It looks like it’s only shown upon tool load and not re-enabled again when you select a bitmap layer.


The new order of logic makes sense. Thanks for telling me.

So it’s not really disabled? It’s just invisible?

Correct, having reference being invisible is a bug I will fix. By default it is set to current layer for both :slight_smile:


Thank you. I look forward to using it again. No pressure, of course.

Should be fixed now in the latest nightly build :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much! I’ll be sure to check it out.

@JoeyH Hey, FYI today a regression was merged in the recent master branch which will produce new nightly builds.

Due to technical difficulties (I’m not well versed in the particulars), It was decided to temporarily remove most of the FillTo and Reference layer features to favor a more generalized approach, and to fix more profound issues that were being caused according to the devs report.

It’s been proposed to review some existing alternatives, and find a different approach to provide better results for more users.

Hopefully this newfound approach can benefit the entire tracing & coloring workflow that is still in it’s infancy in Pencil2D. I’m letting you know firsthand since you expressed it to be useful to you previously.

Later on we’ll see how to communicate this more generally to the community (though I’m sure many will read this reply).

On the other hand other improvements have been merged, particularly some that aim to speed up base drawing performance. While we tested the addition, there’s always the possibility of new bugs being introduced, so if you use the app to draw regularly, do check the latest builds and let us know what you think.