Why can't you move the vanishing point with Pencil2d Nightly Build?

This is the only way that I was able to move the vanishing point and thus the horrizon.

I grabbed the image and saved it as a .png file called Single_Point.

I then made a new bitmap layer called Guide and then imported Single_point.png into it.

This then enabled me to import an image of Charlie and move him forward using the perspective line.

I was then able to create an animation called Move.GIF.


Perspective_Lines.pclx (375.3 KB)

Hi MarySmith

To move the vanishing point you need to have the move tool selected. As soon as you select the tool, a dot should appear on the vanishing point, indicating that it can be interacted with.

Thanks MrStevns

It easy and obvious when it’s been pointed out to you. I’d attempted to select the vanishing point, with the selection tool, without success!

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