Why can't I export animation as a movie?

I wanted to upload a image but I couldn’t, so I upload it on Lightshot. Why can’t I export animation as a movie? How should I do so? It always says “Please place ffmpeg.exe in prugins directory”…


By the way, the OS is Windows 7 and I wanted to export as .avi, but I cannot.

You probably want the static version.
Make a directory called “plugins” in your Pencil2D directory, and drop the ffmpeg.exe file into that.

But, like how? I really couldn’t understand how to do it, so I’ve done like this image, but failed…

Make a new folder ( as he said directory) name it “plugins” and place it there, its not perfect i`d recommend exporting image sequence, opening in GIMP (free) making the files into a .gif (interlace, animation) open it in that video editor i had it it supports gifs.

By the way, ffmpeg.exe was 7z file.

The Gimp didn’t work so….

Good evening @not9000

Currently the stable version of pencil (0.54b) cannot export movies, it can only export PNG image sequences.

I answered a similar request with a step-by-step video showing how to export and how to use the free video editor “shotcut” to join the images and make a movie in this post >> http://www.pencil2d.org/forums/topic/exportation-help/#post-26822

Hope this helps you.