Why can I access Pencil2D website when logged behind a firewall @ work?

However I when I login I’m not behind the firewall, then activate it, I’m allowed to continue using the website.

Do you mean you cannot sign in to this forum while you are connected to your workplace network (with its firewall), but when you sign in while you are connected to a different network and then switch to your workplace network, you can use the forum normally?

If that’s the behaviour you’re seeing, I can’t help you with that unfortunately, at least not with the minimal amount of information you have provided. At the very least, I would need to know how exactly the sign in fails, any error messages you are getting, etc. And of course, there is always the possibility that the root cause is not this forum, but your firewall.

That would be especially true if I’m misunderstanding your post and what you’re actually trying to say is that signing in is possible when you’re behind the firewall even though you would expect it to be blocked. If that is what you’re trying to express, and you think this forum should be blocked by your firewall, please contact the person responsible for the firewall at your workplace about the matter.


Yes this is what’s happening.

In that case, can you please describe how exactly login fails? Are you getting any error messages? If yes, what do they say? Or does submitting the login form simply have no effect? Are you having trouble accessing the site at all while signed out? Something else entirely?

Hi Pencil2D

If I’m logged into the work network behind the firewall, if I attempt to access Pencil2D.org/discuss it either hangs, with a blank screen or I get error 404.

If I’m using the pencil2d.org/ discuss before I log into the work network, it simply continues as if I were using my private Internet connection, from my telco.

Elisa Kivi

Ah, you might have gotten the URL mixed up. The forum is located at https://discuss.pencil2d.org/, not https://pencil2d.org/discuss.

Hi Pencil2D

I’ve just realised what’s happening, when I’m logged in via the telco I’m in 1 geographic location, when I log in via the work network I’m seen as being in a different geographical location, over 200 miles away!

I mistyped the address, in rhe previous email, I did.

I sometimes use a search engine, which will trip up because of the different geographical locations.

You can have too much security!

Elisa Kivi

Good to hear you were able to figure it out!

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