Where can I find Pencil2D's directory?

Whenever I try to export the file as a movie, it will not work and it will output “Please place ffmpeg.exe in the directory” on the command thingy. I have installed ffmpeg into my computer to place it in the directory so I may be able to export animations, but I don’t know where the directory is. If this gets answered and my solution works, I will post a video on how to fix movie exportation for all the confused people out there that can’t find help. If there is a different way to fix this, please do tell.

@tryhardicide Hi. welcome to the forums. I’m afraid Pencil2D can’t export to movie files right now. This is because when the program was abandoned and recovered it was kind of broken so even if you download ffmpeg you won’t get it to work because the problem is in the code, not the missing plugin (which is actually there).

This should get fixed in the upcoming version however for now you have to work around this issue by exporting a sequence of images and joining those images together with a video editor. This is however a standard way of doing it in the animation industry so don’t feel like it’s a waste since with a dedicated video editor you can encode to web or broadcast formats with relative easy.

You can read more on our FAQ and we even have some tutorials to cover this lack for now:


p.s. There’s a tutorial on how to export to GIF if that is your need as well


Thank you for letting me know. I will be exporting gifs for now.