When loading files or layers into a Pencil2D project

If I load a file say a .png file into a project. I place the frame pointer, where I want the file inserted.

I then supply the file name and location and then confirm I want the file loaded.

I’m then asked a question "do I want it loaded at position 0,0. Fair enough, if I answer in the affirmative…

The image doesn’t appear on screen until I select the Camera Layer.

Why is this, I’d like to understand what’s happening and why please.

Apologies for the delay. I’ve been having personal issues that have kept me from inspecting the forum.

This sounds like a bug, so I’ll move this thread to the bug reports thread and test at a later date with the implied reproduction steps to see If there’s any other issue at play or else ask developers to investigate further.

Thanks JoseMoren! XXXXXXXXXXXX