When is the new version of Pencil2D coming out?

I just tried the nightly build of Pencil2D, and it looks amazing! Now, I want to know when this comes out because I’m really excited for it! So if anyone knows the date or at least the year or month, can you please tell me (to any Pencil2D developer that reads this: I’m proud of the progress and work you guys are putting into this new update. You guys have created one of my favorite animation software, and this new update might bring me back to doing animation. Keep up the good work! :D).

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Hey! Welcome to the forums.

This is definitely an age-old question for everyone, including the devs, I think.

For now, the Nightly Build should do? Are you waiting for the release to use the program?

There is no scheduled date for the next release. Pencil2D is run by a very small team of volunteers and at the moment nobody is actively working on making a release. Making a release is quite involved, and there are still outstanding issues and lots of testing that should be performed before then.

There is nothing wrong with using the nightly builds as your main version of Pencil2D. As always, you should make frequent backups of your projects to minimize your risk of losing work. If you encounter bugs, update your nightly build, or report the issue if you are already on the latest build.