When i draw a frame and click add frame it disappear

When I install the program I’ve got that problem. I tried to reinstall it but nothing changes. Iam asking for help :slight_smile:

Sounds like expected behaviour to me. When you press new frame, it creates a new blank frame in the next available position and moves to that position. If you want to keep the old drawing and add to it on a new frame, you need to use the duplicate frame button. If you want to see the frame you previously drew, you need to move back to it on the timeline.

@Stelko1010Animate Hi. Welcome. As scribblemaniac answered above, according to your question “When I draw a frame and click add frame it disappear” this is not a bug. Simply make sure that the timeline playback indicator (red vertical bar) is on the frame that has your drawing.

If you need a drawing to be shown on the screen for a longer period of time when playing the animation, move the other frame containers next to it by selecting them individually with the SHIFT key (keyframes become grey) and then clicking & dragging one of them to move the selection.

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