When exporting Audio, Pencil2D crashes

I’m using Windows 64 version 0.6.2.

Sometimes I forget to save (so I turned autosave ON) and when I don’t save (or the autosave) and I export sound, it crashes randomly.

I always save every time before I export a sound, but it’s annoying when it crashes. Any suggestions I should do? Thanks!

@Proud9000 Hey, sorry we didn’t get notified of your message. Hmm, it’s really weird that it is crashing like that. Would you mind sharing your file so we can have a developer take a look at it?

FYI we’ve found some issues regarding audio sample processing that have been fixed. If you want you can also try the latest development build, and try to export using that one which has the fixes, for now use it only to export and try to see if it improves your problem, if not please share the file so we can take a look at it.

For windows 64 bits here’s a direct link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1juDKIkv1F8fuNruGBwauA_y-7UNWibis