What kinds of file types make the best backgrounds?

Sorry if this has been posted somewhere already and thank you for your time.

@ricky Hey welcome. There’s not a preferred filetype for backgrounds for Pencil2D, so far you can import JPG (JPEG), PNG, BMP & GIF. In professional productions and studios some people use TGA which is an older filetype for textures and images that worked directly with video cards but nowadays this is not the case and many use PNG.

So if you want you can use PNG even if you don’t use transparency since PNG is a “lossless” format, that means it does not compress the information as much or at all, unlike JPEG or GIF. But the issue might be that if you have a really big background it will have a really BIG filesize (I’ve had PNGs of 1 gigabyte for backgrounds that have 5k pixels and above) so if you’re looking for portability and good quality JPEG can also offer you that provided that you don’t compress it a lot using your chosen bitmap editor.

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thanks that’s very helpful advice. I have a pretty big hard drive so space isn’t much of an issue.