What is discord all my friends have it and i have no idea what it is

Well about a few weeks ago every one was telling me to get this app called discord what is discord then i saw that pencil2d had discord should I get a discord account? does it cost money? what is this discord :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I sound like an old grand mother what are computers lol

Discord is a chat application similar to Skype, Telegram, etc. It is currently quite popular, particularly among gamers. All of the essential features are free, although you can pay for a premium account which gets you extra emojis and stuff like that.

Their official site is here: https://discordapp.com/. You can download an application from there, or you can run it in your browser without installing anything, you just need to sign up. You can join our server (chatroom) by following this link: https://discord.gg/8FxdV2g.

Oh thanks that’s cool :slightly_smiling_face: