What happens when I press they <PLAY> button within Pencil2D?

I’ve seen mentions of they statement that ‘pencil2d does not have an internal player’!

In that case what happens when the ‘PLAY’ button is pressed by clicking on it?

I’ve explained that over here:

Hi Jakob

Thank you for your email. I have re-looked at the conversation on the Pencil2D Community.

I have now, I believe put the pieces together. If the play button causes Pencil2D to display the frame images, then what I saw is what I would expect to have seen.

Exporting the project as a .GIF or a .MP4 file gave a clean file.

I wish that I’d read your earlier missives and that the penny had dropped. I had assumed, wrongly that Pencil2D worked in a simular fashion to Animator and Animi Studio.

This outcome has increased my confidence in Pencil2D and my respect for the developers.

What was at fault, was my work flow. Saving the project, using the project name, with a suffix and then as Test.pclx allowed me to reload the project. This restarted Pencil2D, and produced a clean project.

As a result I have changed my work flow and I have eaten humble pie.

In the test projects, I drew a drawing on several layers, selected components to edit, duplicated the selection, make a small change, moved, re-sized or rotated the selection, then duplicated.

This process was carried out about twelve times. What I thought was debris, was what I now realise the frames as I had left them before proceeding to edit the next frame.

Elisa Kivi