What do you think?

  • Animation is work and time consuming
  • Animation is fun

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I need an “all of the above” answer. Animation takes a long time (It’s only me and another person helping), but I enjoy it as it’s coming along. I suppose the more I learn about animating (especially how it was done before computers), the easier it gets for me to make good progress.

I also think it’s relaxing- but… I dunno.

Therefore, I think it’s both.


Sure all of the above, and it’s also a big test of consistensy. It’s not easy to draw the characters a hundred times in different positions without having to correct for example the size of the body/head or something else. I caught my self numerous times having a good shape in the first 10 frames but in the last 50th frame I can notice for example that the body is 10-15% smaller than the first frame. I guess breaking the animation down to fewer key frames is the solution to this problem. But it get on my nervers because I then have to do it all over again :slight_smile:


Lol just a pain-filled smile at the end