What about to classified the RESOLVED topics?


I would like to let a suggestion for the site.

I was thinking if it would be a good idea for you to implement a specific area within the site in which there would be all the RESOLVED topics/comments…

The visual searching for items already discussed and ready to be digested by a user is something that this adjustment might help.

Just a saying

Yeah kaiko, thanks ! I’ll think about it.

I’m not sure its a good idea to “move” resolved topics in another forums; but the idea of “tagging them” as resolved sure is.

Tt is actually possible to use “support topics” (when posting a topic, you have that option under the form); that can be set to “resolved” when they are.
The author of the topic should select that option (‘this is a support question’) when creating the topic, but admins can also edit topics and set them to resolved/unresolved.

Anyway, i’ll see what’s the best to do and will eventually code a plugin for it.


I once notice that option (‘this is a support question’) under the forum, but didn´t know what was about. And thinking now about that, would it be easier for you if users knew about that thing of “this is a support question” and set that to “resolve” when they got issues resolved, saving you a little time? I mean, I think you might write something about that option and put it here on the site in order everybody can be directly inform about it…

Just a thought