Well it's been nice

Thanks for all your guy’s assistance in my animation goals. I appreciate the tips and techniques, the constructive criticisms that benefited me as an artist, and I will definitely use them in the future. However I must say, unfortunately, I cannot pursue animation anymore as a main focus. I’m going to college now and on top of that I’m about to get a job so, I need to manage my time accordingly.

My animated series has officially been cancelled and discarded in the form it was in. I am just one man and unless I can assemble a team of animators, the goal of doing animation is impossible.

With this being said it’s possible that I will come back to animation in the future, if the Lord permits- once I have enough money and am financially stable, living in my own apartment/house, etc. and am less busy, being graduated from college.

I might still be active on this site and you might see me pop up once in awhile but as for me doing anything noteworthy, it’s either not gonna be for a good while, or never.

We’ll see what the future holds. Till next time.

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@Jordan_River_Studios Hey. Sorry about not answering sooner. I think it’s alright that you are moving on to do other things, of course needing to put food on the table, getting a job, going to college all those things are important, so I sincerely hope you can find time to decompress by doing art or similar endeavors you enjoy in between those activities.

Even if you don’t use Pencil2D anymore, you’re welcome to share any new form of artwork you end up doing later, and of course it’s cool even if you share your life experiences as long as you use the appropriate forum section as always :smile_cat:

Other than that, I can only wish you the best and hopefully while you continue nurturing your knowledge through these new experiences, those can give you more ideas and drive to create new things.

I think people don’t know this at first but you don’t need to be a super famous person or anything, and as long as you are doing something you want and that gives you good enough vibes to keep you rolling, all will be good, or at least that’s my personal opinion.

Keep on keeping on and I hope you can find your best self with this new chapter of your life! Cheers :muscle:

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Best of luck with your future endeavours :+1:

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