Weird extra line when drawing with wacom

When i draw with a wacom tablet, this weird line appears when drawing a curve. i have the latest version installed. Here is streamable video to problem:


wacom intuos CTL 4100WL

@sticks Hi. Does this happen if you try to draw with a mouse? or only with the tablet?

Please try to follow the indications I put on this answer on another thread first:

If nothing said there works, let us know, but I might have to recommend you to use a different app (I’ll link you a list with alternatives no worries)

For now let’s try to get it working first and exhaust every possibility.

It only happens with a tablet. Also i have tablet sensitivity off on purpose.This happens with and without sensitivity on. This happens only with this program.

@sticks I understand you had pressure off by default. The steps are generic to root out different possible problems that could be causing this issue. Truth be told, this only seems to happen under Windows10 and with the Wacom CTL models. And it started happening this year from what reports we’ve had.

Windows messed up and wacom didn’t update properly so the tech Pencil2D uses seems to have been hit inbetween. That said, some people reported that turning windows ink off and using specific application profiles have worked for them, and those are steps outline on the thread I linked.

If nothing works, then please take a look at this list and hopefully you can find a suitable program to work with in the near future:

@sticks Either way thank you for taking the time to report this, it’s more than other people do and for sure we’ll try to reproduce this problem on our end to see how we can fix it for future users.

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