[WEBSITE] The Tutorial Page

So the Tutorial page doesn’t have any working links for how to use the program, but guys… the Documentation page IS a tutorial. Perhaps the two could be merged? The only thing that would have to be revised would be the importing sound section, probably replaced with a tutorial on how to fix the sound import feature, plus an added section on how to export image sequences.

The Tutorial page could also be used on the front page as a temporary FAQ, if that sounds like a good idea. Or it could just be linked. Anyone else have some ideas?




@happydonut I hope you can read this thread:


I made it two days ago to call for all of the (still) active pencil users to voice their opinions on how we could improve the software instead of letting it die slowly (Although we KNOW our devs are doing whatever they can to keep it alive, which is awesome), I raise this same thought in one of the points I make.

We all have this idea, but we can’t move a finger without @admin Gordie (which I hope he also reads this thread). At the moment and because the page was suddenly unplugged yesterday, I’m creating a sister site for the Pencil2D community as well as a forum, so I can put the FAQ and all the stuff we might need, In case anything should happen, and also I’m a bit more active on the internet despite being really busy.

For now I need some time, I think i’ll be finishing my current job on Dec 4th, so from there I’ll be free to work on this among other animation related things of my own.