We should have a slowmotion tool

Well I was making an animation and then I was thinking that it would be cool if there was a slowmotion tool or is there alredy one?

The way you do slow motion in animation is to create a lot of drawings close to each other.
The rule is, the closer the drawings the slower the motion.Conversely the more space and time there are between drawings, the faster a motion will appear.

However doing this manually is a chore as you have to draw the inbetween drawings very close to each other. Perhaps not necessarily a “slow motion” tool but a motion-tweening functionality, which has been proposed in the past. This would allow a user to interpolate between two drawings or “key frames”, however this would have to be done with a vector layer as it’s virtually impossible to do it with bitmaps. It could work like the shape tweening in Flash where a stroke changes shape, or the inbetweening tool in the software CACANi.

One day hopefully this can happen, for now you’d have to rely on third party software for your vector inbetweening to create this illusion.

It’s also possible to use a video editor or video compositor to apply a “slow motion effect” normally software like Adobe After effects or Natron have ways to sub-sample the frames and “morph” between the source footage video so slowing down the vid will appear natural.


Thank you for your reply @JoseMoreno :grinning: