Warning when using Sound Files in Projects

I’ve previously reported a problem with deleting Sound Files.

Don’t be tempted to load more than 1 sound file into a Sound Layer.

Because you’ll have problems with Pencil2D crashing sometimes when you attempt to delete Sound Files.

If you do have crashes, in these circumstances, my advice is to make a new project and import the layers and palettes using the import options.

The above us based on the assumption that your using Pencil2D 0.6.6.

When working on a recent project, I examined the temporary files. I’d deleted several sound files successfully. When I looked at the data directory in the .pclx file all the sound files that had been imported were there.

Since the files were not small, if they were held in memory, this would explain the crashes whilst deleting sound files!

Deleted sound files are not saved in pclx files. They are not deleted from the data directory if you are using the pcl format, and they are not deleted from the temporary directory while the project is active. However even if using a pcl format, files that are not a part of the project are not loaded into memory when opening the project.

Unfortunately this is not at all related to the crashing issue when deleting a sound.