Want to vote for a stupid cat?

Well now, You can! In this video you get 4 options of cats to vote on, Just reply/comment with the Name or # of the cat.

Which ever cat wins becomes the compainion of the stupid lemon kid: Box!

CAT INFO: 1. Carton Moves with 4 wheel, fast and cute. 2. Sliper Slides around make small meows. 3. Lil Tat-Tat Cute, talkitive, and jumpy cat. 4. Loaf Lazy, Sleeps alot, and can be very loud.

Yes, The animation sucks, I know.

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Loaf. 100%.​​​​​​​​​

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I go with loaf or sliper.


#3 Lil-tat tat… I like the odd li’ll feet thingies.

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Either Carton or Slipper

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i made stupid cat animation too annoying kitty unflipped - YouTube