walking animation

2.pclx (201.4 KB)

The animation was pretty smooth, especially the jump. I like the little burst of happiness he gets in the air, little dude loves to jump. He’s got some character.

If you don’t mind a little advice, try visualizing or watching a video how legs move when you draw them. The leg in the front stays down while the leg in the back raises, bends, and moves forward. The back leg bends and passes the right leg, and lands on the floor in front of the body, while the other leg stays on the ground, with the foot not moving until it lifts off the ground and the cycle repeats. It’s tricky to animate and I still struggle with it myself, but all it takes is practice.

By the way, if you export your animation as a video/gif before you post it, people can watch it much more easily. Go to file > export > and choose a file type. I like gifs because they will start playing as soon as you open the page / comment / whatever you post it on.

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thanks and I will try to do that

here is the gif untitled