Wacom Intuos not working with Pencil 2D 0.5.4

I am currently running Windows 10 and my copy of Pencil2D is not registering the input from my Wacom Intuos DRAW to be able to draw in the program. It is registering the movement but not the clicking. This is annoying as I need to be able to use this software for a school project and am on a deadline. The tablet worked with the software for about 5 seconds twice in the 117 times I tried to test it out. Synfig works fine with my tablet so I know it’s a problem with the software of Pencil2D.

@darkwolf904 I can’t say I’ve had issues with this. I’m using Windows 7 plus an Intuos 5 Pro. I have problems from time to time due to Wacom’s buggy drivers. But that happens with every program I try due to a particular problem with Intuos brand (every artist has had this at one time or another, to fix it you have to reset i.e stop and start again the wacom service in the services.msc window).

I think your specific issue might be related to how Windows 10 interprets both Pencil and Wacom’s drivers compatibility. Sadly I don’t think we’re so advanced as to have advanced trouble shooting in that area. Hopefully if one of the devs has Windows 10 and a similar if not the exact Wacom tablet model you do, there can be some testing. But I wouldn’t count on that right now.

Since you’re on a deadline, I know it’s not much, but how about trying to produce the drawings on Krita, then export the layers as individual frames to your video editor or to synfig to be able to turn in your work? Hopefully in the nearest future Krita will have it’s own animation component, so we can stop worrying about software issues when trying to animate with open-source applications.

I have faith Pencil will catch up, but it will take years before being completely operational. Specially if no one else helps the current devs to improve it. Sorry we can’t assist you further with your issue.