Volunteering in animation collaboration

Hi again.

I have an idea.

As someone who loves using Pencil2d, I was wondering if there are any volunteer/job opportunities out there regarding the use of the software.

Suppose a filmmaker wants help with making a movie and they ask people online, like me, if they can help animate shots or scenes if specific instructions are assigned by them. I would love to help. They can just send me an email of the pencil2d file, let me animate the scene, and I’ll return my work via email and recieve feedback from them. If i need to fix something, they will let me know.

But the problem is, suppose my standard of quality greatly differs from what the filmmaker has in mind. Suppose they aren’t as talented as me, or vice-versa. This could run into continuity errors. The filmmaker would have to email me a model sheet of the character to draw so I know what it looks like and how to draw it for consistency’s sake.

It would be great if I could cooperate and collaborate with whoever is in need of help.

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Since we all use the software, I think this is a fine idea. I wouldn’t be opposed to accepting your help- but at the moment I’d have some problems “hiring” people…

What would you think?

PM me if you would like details.

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I’d be willing to do this for free. I’d like to volunteer in any animation project.

@JacobZeier1992 I think it’d be interesting to have a volunteering board or something, but I’m just speaking from a personal interest, it’s probably not something the Pencil2D project can manage since we are already spread very thin in regards to our responsibilities.

It could be interesting to find free projects in the web to offer volunteering, but I do caution some wariness to avoid being taken advantage of. It’s one thing to help others and another to end up working for free and uncredited.

For sure, If I find potential projects that might require a helping hand and are willing to allow results made in Pencil2D, I’ll let you guys know. Cheers.

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Oh, thank you so much! :blush: