Visually marking Keyframes

I’ve read the previous post on this topic.

They wanted multiple colours, but what if all keyframes were a different colour to other frames, this would aid editing.

Are the comments from Jose the same for a single colour for all keyframes?

@Diane Hi. There was a previous request for custom colors on individual frames.

I agree it can help with editing. I personally tend to at least color keyframes and breakdowns in other open source software like Blender or Krita which supports this kind of feature.

On the other hand since this has not been discussed yet with the developers, I surmise (and it is only my personal assumption and opinion) that it won’t be possible to implement until more improvements have been made to the base source code for the software timeline display, which as far as I know, is quite difficult to work with at the moment.

Let’s hope for a similar feature to come in the future, thank you for your message!

When I’m talking about keyframes, I’m taking about extremes, not just simply all drawn frames.

My reason for marking them is to aid analysis of the flow of the animation.

The marking of them by pressing and clicking on the frames, I.e. marking them for copying, is sufficient for my purposes, and doesn’t require any software modifications.


The program file is included below for completeness.

Bounce.pclx (26.8 KB)

I’ve show the motion, because using the play function within Pencil2D does not always allow full analysis of flow of the animation. This is because of the overheads of running Pencil2D.


Ultimately the best way to check an animation is to Export it as a .GIF or an .Mp4 file and execute by an external program such as a browser.

PS The ball in the animation is perfect elastic, I.e no energy is lost during the bounce.

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