Video overlay of drawn animation

Hi, want to have the possibility (sometime in the future) to overlay my own drawings on video films.

Espescially, when something is rotating in the video, an overlay would be very difficult.

An example:


What you want to do, is possible today, using Pencil2D. You can import video visuals, into a bitmapped layer and the video sound into a sound layer.

You can then do the drawings in a bitmapped layer or a vector layer.

You cam move, Rotate and rescale your drawings, as required.

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You could already do that now with Pencil 2D.

The problem here is synchronization. It is kinda difficult to synchronize your animation with the video even in this kinda static camera; a headache when the camera actively moves.

One way that could help is to add markers and references. Say, in this case you could mark in a dot on each side of the steering wheel to mark where the arms are attached.


I’m not positive that this would be a feature they would add to P2D, because it’s not particularly traditional, which I think is what the creators are looking to do exclusively.

Correct me if I’m wrong!

Of course, you could do it manually, which is very much traditional. Ralmon explains how you could do it above^^^.

In my opinon, the workflow is a little different here. First you draw the eyes, arms and mouth on a layer, animate it, and then you define a point in the video, where the rotation happens.

Then you overlay the animation on the video.

When you draw everything on every frame, in the video, it will look very bad and jittery.

Just because the video is 24 fps doesn’t mean that you cannot delete every other frame. Draw you animation, and then simply place where required, over the now 12 fps images, from the video.

With careful placing of the drawings, and the reduced frame rate, it should be possible to obtain a satisfactory result.

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Okay, i will test it later. Thank you for the hint.

and then you define a point in the video, where the rotation happens.

No. Even if you got a point of rotation, you would still have a hard time properly matching the steering wheel, that is, how much to rotate. Just make it easier on yourself, the two dots gives a clear reference you could use instead of just eyeballing stuff.

Not to mention, the camera here is not static. It moves from side to side and even move in and out a bit. There is more movements here than just the rotation of the wheel. The two dots would provide you all the information you need to properly synchronize your animation with the steering wheel.

When you draw everything on every frame, in the video, it will look very bad and jittery.

But I didn’t say that you do it this way? I just tell you the technique to properly synchronize your animation accurately with the rotation of the wheel, just as you asked. The animation can be done anyway you want, even 3D animation.

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As I am a part time teacher, in further education, if I’m using material for my teaching, then I am allowed to use up to 5% of the material, for demonstration purpose.

The video I recorder, belongs to Randy Rainbow and is 3cmin 59 seconds long. I have used 83 frames, after conversion to 24 fps. That is 1.67 % of the video material.

The illustration below includes the timeline, showing all the original frames.

I used a video editor, to separate the sound track into a .mp4 file, I added 2 extra ‘Woke’ sound sequences, for effect and added the attendant video frames too. I also moved some of the video frames to make the presentation more flowing.

This file is the sound file

The edited sound file. The editing was carried out using Audacity.

He says “I will never surrender to the woke, woke, woke mob!”

The .gif file below shows only the frames, which I used, meaning they were overdrawn, this is because of file size limits, using Pencil2D discord.


The final resulting video, minus of course the sound, because .mp4 files cannot be uploaded to this discussion. The odd resolution of this .gif file, is to comply with the maximum file size allowed.


This is the first frame of the video, with the timeline included, not that not all frames of the original video were included.

The 65th frame is shown below in context.

Within the limits, of what can be included within this medium, this proves that over drawing, of a video in Pencil2D is possible. My use of vector drawings is because of personal preference, bitmapped drawing could just as easily have been used.

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